Writing Courses

From Spark To Manuscript: How To Write Your Very First Young Adult NovelA writer’s workshop presented by Georgia Clark

[Note: this workshop is next being run over two days in December 2011 at the NSW Writer’s Centre]

You can hire me to teach a workshop on writing young adult novels. The class can run anywhere from a 4-hour workshop to 8 weeks of 3 hour classes. Email me for more information.

Have you always wanted to write a novel but have no idea where or how to start? Do you love Twilight or Harry Potter and secretly think ‘I could write that’? Are you passionate and committed to storytelling for young adults?

Emotional, exciting, personal. Young adult (YA) fiction is a vibrant, popular and lucrative part of the publishing industry. Published and represented teen fiction author Georgia Clark (‘She’s With The Band’ Allen & Unwin) presents an intensive, interactive course to inspire, empower and inform writers who are new to novel writing. We’ll cover how to turn your initial spark into a concept, outline and manuscript, how to find a unique voice for your main character and what sort of plot will appeal to YA readers and editors. This class will also help you find and commit to your perfect routine, as well as offer insight into what editors are looking for, dos and don’t of YA, and the art of writing the perfect query letter. Come to class prepared to discuss AND develop the novel and/ or main characters you want to write about.

This class is for writers with some experience, but are relatively new to the process of novel-writing.


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