Work-type FAQ


You’re Australian but you live in NYC!

That’s not a question.

Oh, right: so do you work for Australian or American clients?

Great question, internet. I work for both. Being a writer means I can easily submit work, talk with clients and run workshops via the superhighway of technology. Email and Skype make it easy. I have an O1 visa, which means I have an SSN and can work for a variety of US clients.

What kind of work are you looking for?

Freelance, part-time or excellent full-time positions that pay decently. Freelance copywriting and copyediting. Producing. Magazine stuff. Anything in my field of Entertainment, Lifestyle, Youth, Pop Culture. I’m flexible with tone and can deliver straightforward and sophisticated as well as upbeat and quirky.

You say copyediting – isn’t that different in Australia?

Yes it is, but I’m familiar with AP Style. I can speak American – take a look at some of my US samples – here, here or maybe here.

What are your rates?

Reasonable. Contact me.

I want to produce one of your amazing TV scripts/ give you another book deal/ take you out to dinner. What next?

You’re awesome. Contact me right now.


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