Pitching Consultant

I work as a freelance pitching consultant through Metroscreen, or you can contact me directly for a booking.

“Despite working on my screenplays for several  years I always felt I feel short when it came to  concise and spontaneous way of describing my stories to industry professionals. In just a few hours, Georgia not only helped me come up with a format for delivering a great “pitch,” but also helped clarify my screenplay’s strongest points and focus my rewrite.” Carolina Starin

Online, one-on-one coaching helps new and emerging screenwriters construct a perfect five minute pitch for their film, television or web series. Pitching is the art of verbally communicating your story idea. If you’re serious about making or selling your screenplay, you’ll need to be able to succinctly and powerfully explain it, and yourself, in a short period of time, over and over and over again. If you’ve invested time in your screenplay, you can’t afford not to invest time in learning how to write the perfect pitch to give yourself the best headstart to getting it made. A professional pitch is essential if you want to be treated [and paid] like a professional writer.

The consult runs for 1.5 hours. During this time, you will learn all the basic elements of a perfect pitch with specific reference to your own work. We will use popular films as reference points to help explain concepts, as well as your individual screenplay ideas.

1. Writing and pitching a logline.
2. Your story’s premise: Communicating the theme and point-of-view of your story.
3. Expanding the summary: Characters, obstacles, dramatic turning points
4. How to discover your screenplay’s unique selling point.
5. A knock-out one-liner and grab: How to win them over in under 15 seconds.
6. The power of YOU: how to make your life experience sell your script.
7. Audience and market: Realistically identify who will pay to see your idea
8. What you need and what you have: Why are you pitching in the first place?


Georgia Clark
Georgia is a published teen fiction author and screenwriter with a passion for pitching. In 2007, she won the most prestigious pitching competition in Australia, the Holding Redlich Pitching Competition, with semi-finals at the National Screenwriters Convention, and grand finals at the Screen Producers of Australia’s national conference. The prize was $2,000 and a return flight anywhere in the world: she chose New York City, where she is now based. Her pitch was for a vampire-related TV drama show, which Fremantle Media took to Foxtel with Posie Graeme Evans attached [They passed, having just acquired True Blood]. Georgia has also won state-wide pitching competitions, and regularly [and successfully] pitches story ideas to various magazines, and book ideas to her publishers. She is currently writing two teen fiction novels for an international market.