Other Novels/Misc

My second book, “Tigerskins Incorporated”, is currently on submission through my agent. It’s a middle grade detective story about two spunky girls solving a mystery. Check out the first chapter here.

All self-respecting writers have a few random ms’ in the bottom drawer. Hey, you wanna gimme a deal for these? Yeah, you do.

“The Scavengers”


“Untitled: Vampire Story”

“Untitled: Start of Something”

(For novels that actually were, look here.)

And now for a random selection of stuff!

I blog at Goodreads. If you’re on it, please friend me and follow what I’m reading and thinking about.

I’m on two of the best indie improv teams in NYC, Dreamboat and Cash Fur Guns. Performing with these teams is very silly and ridiculously fun. Show times are usually posted on Improv Teams. Dreamboat hosts a monthly show at Under St Marks Theater in the East Village, NY, at 10.30pm on the second Friday of every month. Come!

My BFF makes an awesome blog about books, “For Absolute Beginners”. Here’s a post about my favorite books.

I helped start the “unstoppable cultural phenomenom” that is Erotic Fan Fiction by publishing a short story in a weekly music magazine I used to edit called The Brag about The Strokes doing the nasty. Since then, this small event spearheaded by the unstoppable Eddie Sharpe now enjoys sell-out seasons at writers festivals and hipster-crammed holes-in-the-wall alike. These naughty stories about such luminaries as White Stripes and Betty and Veronica are not safe for work.

I used to write a column about performing arts in NYC called “Arts Mixtape”.

I was invited to introduce a screening of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” at the Rubin Museum in NYC as part of their summer film series. It was fun!

I often (well, once) get asked why I don’t write a blog. As someone who pushes pen for a living, all day every day, I get my writing fix. I did start one once, but only wrote three posts.

Here’s some press on me, claiming I am living the dream. Here’s an author profile I did for “She’s With The Band”. Oh, and here’s an interview where I call wanting to be a writer like wanting to be crazy.

I’ve attended three great writers residencies. The first was at Martha’s Vineyard (2009), the second in Portugal (2010), and the third back at Martha’s Vineyard again, because I heart it there so much.

Here is a paper exploring the least important part of French cinema history that nobody but me is interested in.

Sometimes I use my smarts for evil, not good.