Pop Culture

Sunday Life Weekly magazine in national Australian newspaper, Sun Herald

New York Is the Best City In The World Published 2011

What Not To Say To Single Women Published 2011

Whiskey Life & Spirits Online trade publication (US)

Whiskey Chicks Published 2011

The Rum Diaries Published 2011

Shaken Not Stirred Published 2010

Mobi Lifestyles Online and print publication (US)

Digital Dining Published 2011

Soon Is Good, Now Is Better Published 2011

Rouser Online pop culture magazine (now defunct)

The Grates Published 2007

The Hollys Published 2008

Red Riders Published 2007

Ben Lee Published 2008

Decoder Ring Published 2008

First Date Scenarios Published 2008

Short Film Reviews Published 2006

Riot Great New Zealand arts/ pop culture publication

Midnight Juggernauts Published 2006

Chris Hill Published 2006

Now No Now Column on Australian indie music for a UK publication, Disorder.

Now No Now # 1 Published 2006

Now No Now # 2 Published 2006

Now No Now # 3 Published 2006

Now No Now # 4 Published 2006

Arts reviews (various) Published 2008 onwards

Lawrence Leung Learns to Breakdance, The Studio

Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger, Sydney Opera House

Paradise City, Carriageworks

Scorched, Belvoir St Theater

Imperial Panda Festival, Various

Kaboom, Darlinghurst Theatre

Gig reviews (various) Published 2006 onwards

The Cribs, Annandale Hotel

The Go Team, Metro Theatre

MIA, Metro Theatre

The Shins and The Brunettes, The Hoey

Mars Volta, Enmore Theatre

Laneway Festival, Circular Quay

Van She, Civic Hotel


Ladies: The Five Things You Should Never Do Naked

The Art Of Online Dating

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Why the Film Sucked Published 2007

Films I Could Never Get Sick Of Published 2007

I write a column on local theater for NY Theater Wire, Arts Mixtape.