Feature articles, interviews and reviews in the genres of dating and relationships, lifestyle, health and human interest, pop culture, music, theatre and more. Includes work for TV shows produced by Fremantle Media and Sydney street press The Brag, which I edited.

Pop Culture

Teen/ Tween


The Brag

Fremantle Media

The edited highlights!

“NYC Is The Best City In The World” (Sunday Life, short feature)

“What Not To Say To Single Women” (Sunday Life, feature)

“Our Wolfmother?” (The Brag, cover story)

“Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger” (The Brag, live comedy review)

“Scorched” (The Brag, theater review)

“The Go! Team” (The Brag, live music review)

“A Guide to First Date Scenarios” (Rouser, alternative/ humorous dating)

Ladies: The Five Things You Should Never Do Naked” (alternative/ humorous dating)

“The Art Of Being A Secret Admirer” (Girfriend, teen)

“GF Guide to Boy-Watching” (Girlfriend, teen)

“Why You Should Do Less, Want Less, Worry Less” (Cleo, lifestyle)

“Mind Games” (Cleo, lifestyle)

“So You Think You Can Dance: Grand Final” (Fremantle Media, dance)