Meet SNL’s new face, Sasheer Zamata.

Straight fom UBC New York, Sasheer will be joining the cast of featured players when Saturday Night Live returns on January 18th. Look what we made happen, internet!

She’s a stand-up as well, and she’s also been featured on Above Average’s youtube sketch channel, if you want to see her in action. 

We’ll be watching, Sasheer. Break a leg.

This is by the furthest of fars, the coolest thing I have ever seen upon logging into Tumblr! Go Sasheer!

When I first met Sasheer, she told me she wanted to write, direct and produce in her own television series, just like Tina Fey and 30 Rock. She didn’t sound apologetic. She didn’t add a disclaimer. She said it with her trademark smile (which is gorgeous) and easy confidence (which is effortless). I think Sasheer getting cast on SNL is not just a testament to her talent and hard work, but also the power of intention. This reminded me to articulate my career goals — NYT best-selling author who dabbles in screenwriting — with the same clear-eyed belief. I 100% believe SZ will get her own show up. Just like Tina Fey. 


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