Soon is Good, Now is Better

Mobile blogging changes the game for quick think communicators.

By Georgia Clark.


There’s no doubt about it: we’re officially the Now Generation. Current events break in seconds, as opposed to days or even hours, and we’ll read about it instantly on our smart phones and tablets (the evening news seems like a positively quaint idea!) Now, mobile blogging – the ability to post or blog from a device like a smartphone – is the latest game changer putting a smile on bloggers’ dials. “Mobile adoption is exploding at a faster rate than the internet grew,” confirms Marc Lefton, partner in mobile business networking start-up Kizmet Mobile, “so it makes sense people blog remotely. Right now, the desktop computer is dying in favor of the laptop, and the laptop is being replaced by tablets and smartphones.”


Marc explains that for your traditional blog, most people are using WordPress as their backend, while more basic users are set up on Tumblr. WordPress has an app for each of the leading smartphone platforms, while Tumblr has a number of third party apps such as TumbleIt or TumbleRoo for iPad. “Some of the microblogging apps which manage Twitter accounts, such as HootSuite or Seesmic, also work with major blogging platforms for quick updates,” he says. “Apps like Instagram have created almost their own form of photoblogging.”


This evolution in technology provides a range of benefits for both personal and professional bloggers. For Laura Lachman, it means she’s able to update – a popular round-up of the most exciting film, art, music, food and wine happenings in New York – on-the-go while working her day job as an event planner. “I’m often on site doing events and need to make sure to do blog postings consistently,” says the culture vulture multi-tasker. “My followers depend on me to do several postings each day.”


For others, mobile blogging allows the crucial lightning fast right-of-reply. Co-founder and manager of Whitesmith Entertainment, Emily White blogs for, a leading industry website for music and technology. Emily was working with a band of hers in London, when she was asked to instantly reply to a negative post on artist management. To stay in the game, Emily knew she had to respond straight away. Thanks to her iPhone, it happened in a matter of minutes. “I wrote a very passionate post from a backstage dressing room,” she laughs. “I felt so strongly about it!”


For others, mobile blogging is less about work and more about lifestyle. Comedian Sean Hart runs his personal blog via his phone simply because a lot of his life is spent on-the-go. “I’m going to an open mic, riding my bike, leaving my yoga class,” Sean says. “Why wait to post my thoughts or photos when I can do it wherever and whenever? Computers are static compared to phones. You can be in an open field and stay connected,” He pauses for a moment, wincing. “Gross. I sound like a commercial.”


And that’s pretty much the best press any mobile blogging app could ask for.



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