Spooky Buddies

Transcript for Total Girl [exclusive Australian]

Anna McRoberts

Producer, Co-writer


What’s it like working with Buddies?

It’s amazing! Having puppies on set is the best thing you can do for a film set. I’ve never seen anyone in a bad mood here.

It sounds like a dream job!

It is a dream job! People always say, ‘Working with children and animals – what are you thinking?’ I think working with children and animals is the best thing possible!

Why do you think Halloween is such an exciting part of the year?

Because kids love candy, and it’s a huge, free candy grab!



Robert Vince



This is your sixth Buddy movie! How do you keep it fresh?

By doing very different types of movies. The Buddies characters are always the same, but the situations they’re in and the adventures they’re on are so vastly different.

What cool stuff can we look forward to in this movie?

We have flying in this movie, there’s a lot of magic, and there’s a lot of special effects. We have a lot of very, very scary characters, and we have to balance that out with comedy.

Working with puppies every day sounds like a dream job. Do you think it is?

I do. I really do. We’re doing exactly what we want to do. We go to work and we have fun.


Mark Forbes

Animal Co-ordinator


Worked on Dr Dolittle, 101 Dalmations, 102 Dalmations, Harry Potter movies.


How do you train puppies?

Puppies are actually very, very trainable. This is the age where they’re learning about life, so their brains are like little sponges.

What’s the hardest thing to get a puppy to do?

Get five puppies to work together. Say we’re trying to get five puppies to walk slowly about five metres. If we do each one separately: one take, no problem. Once you put together, they all have to start at the right time, they all have to go at the same speed. They all have to hit their mark, not somebody else’s mark. And puppies are very distracted by other puppies!

How long do you work with the Buddies for?

We only shoot with them for two weeks, so for this Buddy movie, we’re actually using three different litters over a six-week time span. After two weeks they start looking like little dogs instead of puppies.

What happens to the puppies when they’re done?

We find homes for them. Robert, our director, is actually taking one of the puppies this time, one of the gaffers [crew members] is taking one. We don’t really have much trouble finding homes for them! We usually have a list of people who don’t get one.

We heard you can’t play with the puppies: is that true?

It’s not true. Right before a shot, we’ll ask people to not play with them. Puppies don’t have the greatest attention span, so they’d much rather come over here and be petted than work. But in between set-ups you can play with the puppies.



Skyler Gisando, 14

Character: Billy


Since the original Air Buddies movie you’ve been the voice of B-Dawg. What’s it like finally being onscreen?

It’s great! Working with the animals is really fun, they’re all adorable and really smart. And working with all the other kids is a blast. I’m coming to play every day, so it’s really fun.

Tell us about your character Billy.

Billy is the owner of B-Dawg, so they have very similar personalities. Both Billy and V-Dog are total rappers. They love basketball, hip-hop. B-Dawg’s a cross between Snoop Dogg and Coby. He talks a little like, ‘Yo dog, what crack-a-lack-a-happening homie skillet? Yo, you must be hallucina-tripping you think you’ve getting my paw-tograph!’

What’s one thing you always look forward to getting in your trick-or-treat basket?

I’m a big Snickers guy. They really satisfy, they don’t lie.

What sort of career would you like to have?

I definitely want to do this my whole life. When I get older I want to go to film school and became a director. I’d like to make movies that make people laugh or change the way somebody thinks about something.

What would you like to change?

I think the most important thing to change right now is we are in school too much! There should be two days of school and five-day weekends.

Can you tell us about something funny that’s happened on set?

We’ve developed quite a nice blooper reel and it’s going to be made entirely of me falling. I’ve fallen, like, 20 times so far. Sometimes I’ve taken people down with me.


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