Princess and the Frog

Transcription (Press junket, NY)

Jennifer Cody, voice of Charlotte: Everyone calls Charlotte spoiled, but I don’t think of her that way, I think of her as very determined. Everything is the most important thing in the world to her. She lives every day to the fullest. Like Tiana, she knows exactly what she wants. Her dream doesn’t seem to be as important, but in the end she realizes, ‘My dream is important but yours is more important, and I’m going to help you get it’.


This film captures a place – it’s New Orleans in a little box.


I love that Tiana is a modern princess. She’s not looking for the prince. It’s a modern take on a world we live in now.


Michael-Leon Wooley, voice of Louis [the alligator]: Louis loves music, he loves jazz, he loves food, he loves his trumpet Giselle, and he has no shame in telling you how much he loves all of these things. He is not quiet or shy about anything. Like me, he can’t sneak into a room and whisper.


Louis wants to be human so he can play jazz, and he ends up being in a jazz band at the end, but he’s still an alligator. So the message seems to me to be you don’t get what you want, you get what you need.


Jennie Bond, BBC Royal Correspondent: Tiana is a benchmark princess. She’s a very modern princess. She has a work ethic and a modernity to her, in her dream to open a restaurant. She’s a champion of the people! I think girls are obsessed with princesses because it’s such an elite club. It’s so exclusive. Few of us can dream of becoming a princess. We’re always fascinated by what we can’t achieve.


On the etiquette when meeting royalty: You really ought to curtsey, but they don’t mind if you don’t. I never did!


Co-director of the film, John Musker: We love hand-drawn 2D animation, and we were happy to see it return. It has a particular warm charm to it.


Tiana is a very modern princess – she’s the first princess to have a job. She isn’t looking for a prince.


Co-director of the film, Ron Clements: There’s a very lush, romantic quality to hand-painted backgrounds. There’s magic everywhere.


Facts: Actors auditioned for over a year and a half for a role in this movie! Michael-Leon: It was a long, nail biting process!


This film was a return to 2D animation and a return to using Broadway actors, instead of celebrities.


Tiana is the ninth Disney princess and the first African American princess, but before she becomes a princess, she’s just a regular, hard-working girl. She’s very independent and strong.


There were 40 animators working on The Princess and the Frog.


There were 12 – 24 drawings done per second per character. So in a ten-second scene between Naveen and Tiana, they was up to 480 drawings done!



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