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Darren Kelk Home: 20 word summary

P Travel Australia   2.9%

P World travel   2.9%

S Personal travel manager Melbourne   3.1%

S flight bookings    3%

Looking to travel Australia or beyond? Experience the best in world travel with Darren Kelk, the most sought after personal travel manager in Melbourne. Offering personalised service 24 hours a day with everything from flight bookings to tailored travel packages, Darren Kelk is your complete travel solution.


Darren Kelk: About

P: International travel: 3.7%

P: Travel agent: 3.2%

S: Australian travel: 1.4%

S: Travel package: 2.3%

A Passion for International Travel

Maybe it was watching the sunrise over the majestic mountains of Machu Picchu in Peru, or marvelling at the breathtaking Canadian Rockies (for the sixth time – yes, I’m an addict). It might have been seeing lions in the wild in South Africa, eating spicy phở in Vietnam or shopping in New York… No. I can’t pick my favourite international travel experience. But I can help you pick yours. I’m Darren Kelk, world traveller turned boutique travel agent. I offer personalised travel packages for clients who demand the best in Australian travel and international travel experiences. I’m a dedicated and highly experienced travel agent who has truly seen it all (ask me about being attacked by the elephant).

Your Personal Travel Agent

As a travel agent, international travel [link to leisure travel] is all about creating experiences that stay with you. With nine years experience as a travel agent, I have a sixth sense for creating travel packages that cater to your every last whim and wish. International travel is no easy feat, but if you place your plans for world or Australian travel in the hands of a travel agent who has the experience, deals, connections and passion, then international travel becomes a breeze. It’s more than a travel package: it’s your dream holiday, come to life.

International Travel, Personal Touch

As your personal travel agent [link to enquiries/contact], I am available 24/ 7. There’s nothing I don’t know or can’t find out about when it comes to tailoring your dream travel package. Whether you want an unforgettable Australian travel experience or flawless plans for important international travel, I will ensure your next business, leisure or group travel package is as perfect as sunset on the beach in Bali.

Making Dreams Come True, 24 Hours a Day

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Your Dream Holiday, Done

Dream It. Live It.

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

Dream Big. Travel Smart.


Group Travel

Primary: Travel package   4%

Primary: Travel itinerary   4%

Secondary: Personal Travel Manager   2.3%

Secondary: World travel   2.3%

A Travel Package That Suits Everyone!

Hitting the road with a group? Darren Kelk can craft a fantastic travel itinerary that meets everyone’s needs! As your personal travel manager, Darren can easily make your group’s dreams of exotic world travel come true!

What’s Your Travel Itinerary?

Whether it’s a family reunion, girls or guys’ getaway or a hobby-based adventure for enthusiasts, Darren will ensure your travel package [link to Leisure Travel] and travel itinerary meets all your unique needs. From gay and lesbian travel packages to a travel itinerary that’ll suit older or differently abled travellers, world travel is simply a breeze with a personal travel manager taking the reigns!

Take The Stress Out Of Your Travel Package

Getting away with a group is a blast – but planning a complete travel itinerary and travel package that makes everyone happy can fast turn into a nightmare! As a personal travel manager who’s available 24/7, Darren will ensure your world travel plans and trip flow smoothly. Plus, Darren has the contacts needed to get the best deals on a travel package that is ideal for your group.

A Dream Travel Itinerary

Let a personal travel manager [link to Contacts] make your group’s plans for world travel absolutely effortless. Contact Darren today for an exciting travel itinerary and affordable travel package your group will remember forever!


Leisure Travel

Primary: Personal Travel Manager    3.5%

Primary: International travel    4%

Secondary: Australian travel   2%

Secondary: travel package   2%


Dream It, Do It: Your International Travel Fantasy Come to Life!

Picture your dream holiday. Is it scuba diving off the Greek Isles? Adventures in the Amazon? An art crawl through Europe? No matter what international travel fantasy you have, Darren Kelk will effortlessly make it a reality. As your personal travel manager, Darren will tailor a boutique travel package just for you. Whether local Australian travel is your dream or an international travel adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime, Darren will make it happen.

A Personal Travel Manager Who Cares

Planning international travel [link to Group travel] and Australian travel takes time, but Darren understands you have a busy schedule. He’ll come to you: your home or office, during business hours or after work. A personal travel manager is just that: someone who attends to you personally. Darren responds to every query or change you have to your travel package, international travel or Australian travel needs within 24 hours. That’s the difference a personal travel manager makes.

International Travel Made Easy

As a personal travel manager with years of experience planning flawless travel packages for both Australian travel and international travel, Darren can easily organise:


Visas and insurance



Car leasing or hiring

Travel with children and pets

Gift certificates, and more.

From budget to high-end travel packages, your personal travel manager [Link to Contacts] Darren Kelk will help you dream your next international travel experience and then see it come to life. Simply put, a personal travel manager makes dreams come true.


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