Game, Set, Match

Georgia Clark helps you find your soulmate when fitness is as important as foreplay


If your idea of shoe shopping involves a trip to Rebel Sports, it’s unlikely your perfect guy is a couch potato with ‘more to love’. Wanna meet a man who’ll see your rock-climbing and raise you a hike? We’ve got the goods.


Get It On(line)

With online dating growing in popularity, matchmaking sites are starting to get specific. There’s a plethora of sites offering the chance to meet a man willing to work up a sweat with you… “Where relationships workout!” If the excellent wordplay of their slogan isn’t enough to pull you in, their hot, fit, single men sure will. Profiles feature guys’ ‘primary fitness’, listing everything from motocross to mountain bike riding! If your approach to health and fitness has a spiritual side, Dharma Match can help you find a hot and (ahem) flexible yogi in your area. Toned tummy, green thumb? Eco Dater will help you find a health nut just as nuts about recycling as you! Small selection, but the site is growing in popularity.


CLEO Fave! Not a dating site, but a four-week training program for adventurous singles. Meet-ups happen nationally! We love that this cuts out the ‘is he single?’ question entirely. Their site features testimonials from happy couples who found love over lunges.


Hint: Don’t discount the big sites like RSVP when looking for love of the sporty kind: just search for keywords like “fitness”, “health”, “sporty” etc.

Healthy Dating

If the ‘drinking til we fall over’ date isn’t cutting it for you, try these super sporty date ideas!

1. Go Bush One of the many awesome things about Australia is the fact every capital city is only an hour or so from awe-inspiring national parks and beautiful bushwalks! Best of all, this is one sporty date that won’t break the bank. Pack a picnic, make sure your phone has GPS and get amongst nature!

2. Surfing Safari Most surf beaches offer private surf lessons starting at around $200 for two. You’re a surfing virgin? Even better – he’ll be impressed with your fearlessness! Hang ten, then chill with some fish and chips.

3. Thrill Seeker If you give Angelina a run for her money in the action stakes, why play it safe? Skydiving or bungee-jumping is one first date neither of you will ever forget. Plus the adrenaline rush is psychologically proven to make you horny…


Flirting over Free Weights

Dating and body language expert Katia Loisel-Furey, co-author of How To Get The Man You Want, has the lowdown on picking up that hottie you’ve been lusting after at the gym…


“1. Ask him if he’d mind showing you how to use a piece of equipment. Nothing will give him an ego boost like showing off his technique!

2. Choose an activity where he’ll need to spot you from the front, giving you plenty of opportunities to make eye contact and touch. This releases the cuddle hormone oxytocin, making him feel more connected to you.

3. Give him your flirtiest smile and make eye contact for up to four seconds. Prolonged eye contact sends a subconscious signal to his brain that you’re interested whilst sending a shot of the love drug phenylethylamine (the hormone that’s released when we’re in love or lust) rushing through his veins.

4. Thank him while gently touching him on the arm whilst smiling. If he avoids eye contact or pulls his hand away, back off. But if he smiles, touch him again, then casually suggest getting together for a drink. Score!”

// ends //



About Georgia

I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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