A Day in the Life Of… Justin Bieber.

By Georgia Clark

We can only dream of what a typical day in the life of the planet’s hottest star is like! Maybe it’s something a little like this…

8am: Wakes up in ginormous bed in a swanky LA hotel to “One Time” playing on the radio! Blows some kisses to all the fans waiting outside his window. Has to put some earplugs in coz of all the screaming!

8.30am: Begins getting hair rock star perfect.

9am: Hair = Bieberlicious!

9.55am: Quickly checks his Twitter and sends one in response letting everyone know he’s wearing his favourite colour today – blue.

10am: Jumps into the limo waiting out the front to get some breaky – OJ and a Sausage and Egg McMuffin, of course! The Bieb loves McDonalds! Stops to quickly sign some fan autographs and pose for pictures.

10.30am: Heads up Rodeo Drove to his recording studio. JB’s in Hollywood today to start creating an awesome new song with his favourite band The Fray and his good friend Usher. It’s called “Aussie Chicks Rock”, inspired by all his amazing Australian fans.

Midday: Takes a break for some lunch. Mmm, time for tacos! We all the know JB loves a good taco!

12.30pm. Just about to head back into the studio when his iPhone rings – it’s Selena Gomez! She’s got a day off and wants to hit the beach. Can he make it?

1pm. Hits the Californian surf with Selena! Makes sure to pack sunscreen and plenty of vitamin water.

3pm. Swings back to the studio to check in with Usher – everything’s going well. Nails a track in one take. It’s too beautiful a day to stay inside… Usher says he has a surprise ready…

3.30pm: Helicopter ride! Biebs and Usher sail over the Californian coastline, busting out an acoustic version of “Somebody To Love” for the lucky helicopter pilot.

4.30pm: Back to Hollywood, where he says goodbye to Usher. There’s still plenty of sunshine in sunny LA, so it’s time for a skate around town. Poses for lots of fun photos with fans – some of them are Aussies! JB makes a special mention of how much he loves this Aussie mag he knows about. Hmm, what was it called again…? That’s right – Girl Power!

5.30pm: Comes across a game of soccer in the park. Justin loves all kinds of sports, so he joins in! He even scores the winning goal! Afterwards he signs autographs and treats everyone to ice-cream.

6.30pm: Hey, who’s that calling? ZOMG, it’s Beyoncé!! She asks if he’ll make a special appearance with him tonight at her show. Um YES!

7pm: Races back to the hotel to shower and change. Quickly Twitters to let fans know about his exciting plans.

7.45pm: Woah, it’s a sold-out crowd! There’s no time for a soundcheck, he just has to go straight into it – a duet of “One Less Lonely Girl” with his number one crush, Beyoncé. Waiting backstage, he’s more than a little nervous. Can he pull it off?

7.50pm: Time to hit the stage. It seems even bigger than usual and the fans are screaming so hard he can barely hear himself think! JB wonders if he can actually go through with this… But Beyoncé gives him a big hug and says, ‘I believe in you’. And then it’s showtime!

8pm: The song goes absolutely great! Everyone is celebrating, and the crowd is going nuts!

9pm: What a day! Time to unwind with some good mates. Meets up with best friends Ryan and Chaz for some NBA 2k and a late dinner at the hotel. He’s got a craving for spaghetti bolognaise. Someone order room service!

10pm: Beyoncé and Jay-Z swing by to congratulate him on a great show. Beyoncé asks if he’ll perform some guest vocals on her new album. JB says sure thing! Amazing!

11pm: What a huge day! Time to check Facebook, send off one final Tweet and hit the hay. Wow. It sure is fun being Justin Bieber!



About Georgia

I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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