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The Swede Beat Magazine


The number one resource on contemporary Swedish arts and culture

Sweden has emerged as one of the leading cultural hubs of the creative world. From musicians such as Lykke Li, The Knife and The Hives, to fashion giants Cheap Monday and Acne, to incredible photographers and visual artists. Swedish creatives are exploding on the international stage. The combination of a progressive government, beautiful surroundings and a general interest in the arts has proven the perfect hothouse for cultural works of a sophisticated, striking and quirky nature.


The Swede Beat Magazine is the number one resource on the very best contemporary pop culture being produced by young Swedish creators. As the amount of Swedish music, art, fashion, film, architecture and literature being showcased outside our Scandinavian borders increases, The Swede Beat Magazine will keep you up-to-date with who and what to keep an eye on. Whether your interest is professional or personal we can help connect you to the exciting new faces of Sweden.


The Swede Beat Magazine is an online magazine where each new issue is emailed to subscribers as a newsletter on the last Thursday of each month. Alongside articles, interviews, music downloads and links, each issue features an image gallery presenting up-and-coming visual artists.


Since March 2009, The Swede Beat has covered popular artists and brands such as Fever Ray, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, Jenny Mortsell and Carin Wester. Upcoming artists include minimalist fashion designer Filippa K and electro-pop queen Robyn.


Our international team is led by Swedish/ American editor-in-chief, Lydia Kellam (NYC). Our writers and researchers work in the industries they report from, in Sweden and wherever Swedish creatives are thriving, giving The Swede Beat a current and vital edge.


The Swede Beat Magazine is a unique opportunity for Swedish creative professionals, companies, labels, brands, and websites to reach a worldwide audience. Please send us your recommendations, links, mp3s, press releases, and images. The Swede Beat Magazine is open to collaborate on anything promoting Swedish culture to the world! Starting Fall 2009, The Swede Beat Magazine is offering advertising opportunities. Email for more info.


Subscribe to us today and start discovering cutting edge Swedish culture!


Contact Lydia Kellam, Editor-In-Chief/ Founder

phone:+1 917.327.9687


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