SYTYCD: Top Six Performance

Demi. Graeme. Kate. Jack. Vanessa. Rhys. This is it Australia, we’re down to your Top 6! Never before have these household names had to work so hard on the d-floor in order to win your votes. Who will make the cut?

The gorgeous Kate has danced with all three boys left in the competition, so it was something of a sweet reunion when she pulled Rhys’ name out of the infamous hat… and the excitement didn’t stop when the word Rumba was the next thing revealed! And who else to choreograph this powerful, passionate dance of love than dance master extraordinaire, Mr Jason Gilkison. Dramatic, moving and emotive, this Rumba was about a man being in love with a woman and but never being able to tell her. Getting a standing ovation from the crowd, the routine had the judges in agreeance – simply spectacular. Matt said he totally bought it. He said that each week, Kate is given a new genre and she just tackles it, nails it, kills it and serves it; a brilliant way to start the show. Jason said it was just fantastic. They took ownership of the routine, and Kate was just exquisite. If the competition is about versatility, this showed why they’re both still here. Bonnie said it couldn’t be faulted. All up, another dance victory!

Demi and Jack! We’ve been crossing our fingers these two lovable dancers will pair up again, and all our stargazing and eyelash wishing has come true! This time round, they’re dancing a magically mechanical Contemporary routine to ‘Strict Machine’ by Goldfrapp. “They’re embodying machines,” explains choreographer Gary Stewart. “They work as one unit as a machine, and separately as well, with moments of sensuality. I want the audience to enjoy the rhythm of the movement as it rides the music, and also to enjoy the invention of the choreography.” The result is quirky, controlled, and sophisticated. The crowd loved it, and the judges lapped it up. Jason said it was incredible that Demi, who has never done a Ballet class in her life, did so well with such a technical routine. Bonnie said it was amazing, and asked how the dancers bought emotion to the routine. Jack replied it was in the light and shade of the music, and Demi said it was in the musicality of the track. Matt said there were a few unison problems, but all up, stunning.

Having both survived life in the bottom four last week, Vanessa and Graeme knew they’d have to once again have to up their game if they wanted to make it to Top 4. The pair pulled out all the stops in a colourful, playful, Broadway number to ‘Money’ from the musical Chicago. In a word? Wacky. Jason loved this great routine, naming it as cute, entertaining, and different to what we’ve seen so far. He said the staccato was a slight problem in the second half of the routine, but it was a great routine for both of them. Matt said that musical theatre is so easy to watch and so much fun for the audience, and that Graeme was very smooth. Bonnie was gonna call our Ballet babe Versatile Vanessa from now on, and she loved a bit of slapstick. Overall, superfun and cute.

We’ve seen so much over the first series of SYTYCD but the powers-that-be still had one trick up their sleeve – trio performances! Yep, your top three girls and your top three guys are together onstage for the very first time!

What do you get when you cross a Ballet babe, a bold B-Girl and a gorgeous jazz dancer? Fresh Hip Hop of course! “Vanessa is supposed to be a sexy girl that turns gangster,” explains choreographer Nacho Pop, “and the other two are gangster girls who turn sexy. The whole vibe is supposed to be chilled, laidback, West Coast.” It’s Charlie’s Angels goes gangsta – but the judges weren’t convinced. Matt said, as a choreographer, he would have gone in a different direction, and for him, not so great. He didn’t buy Vanessa’s sex appeal, and the unison was out. Bonnie said she loved seeing three girls dancing together onstage but Jason said he didn’t see three girls dancing together, he saw mostly saw girls dancing out of unison. He felt Nacho’s routine left them exposed, and showed off their weaknesses. He said b-girl Demi took ownership of the routine, and he bought Kate as a gangsta girl in an East Side kinda way. But overall, a difficult routine to comment on.

Wack attack! Inspired by three wild animals posing as the Three Stooges, it’s Larry, Curly and Moe – no, it’s Rhys, Graeme and Jack, channeling the classic pranksters in a whole new way. This routine from the ridonkulously talented Supple had jaws dropping from here to Perth. Matt said it was a clever concept executed well, which showed how strong all three performers are. All up, very cool. Bonnie said she loved seeing all three boys dancing together. It was so entertaining, and proved that individually, each boy was extremely good at what they did. Jason said it was a brilliant routine – great concept, theme, lighting, costume – but he only saw 12 counts of unison in total, which made it hard for him to decide which of the three boys were really standing out. But overall, sheer brilliance.

OK, ‘nuff reading, time to get voting! Who will make your Top 4?

Georgia Clark


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