SYTYCD: Top Eight Performance

It’s one for the money, two for the show… and that means you get double bang for your buck this week as your Top 8 dancers perform not one but two show-stopping routines!

It’s football for chicks, it’s how we get through Monday mornings, and it’s the only place to be Sunday nights. Top 8 week hasn’t just set a high standard, it’s blown the standard out of the galaxy! Eight hot routines for you tonight to help you pick your favourite dancer!

This week the lovely Vanessa paired up with the luscious Rhys, and the results were electric. First up for these two is old school Hip Hop, care of the very talented Supple. “I wanted to bring back the spirit in the early 90s using the styles of Hype and a current influence, New Style,” explained Supple. “It’s kinda like a brother and sister relationship, with Vanessa as the younger sister, and Rhys as the older brother.” We’ve seen Rhys totally own several Hip Hop routines in the past, but it’s Vanessa’s first routine time in the baggy pants since popping with Henry in Animated Hip Hop. How would the lovely lyrical Vanessa handle being a b-girl? Matt said the pair did a good job representing the old school, however he thought Vanessa wasn’t managing the isolation well enough and he wanted a little bit more from Rhys. Bonnie loved the work with hats and handkerchief, and thought the routine was a credit to Rhys, and he was just getting stronger and stronger. Jason thoroughly enjoyed it, but his big issue was unison. He thought they both did a good job in the two days they had, but reminded Vanessa to dance on the centre of the beat, and thought Rhys was a little bit under. However overall, he thought they were doing a great job in the competition. Vote to keep these guys in the competition!

Next up it’s power couple number two, Kate and Jack. To the strains of Michael Buble’s sultry version of the classic Spiderman theme, these two were ripping up the d-floor with Quickstep. An international ballroom style with an emphasis of footwork, the classy, fluid Quickstep allows performers to fly across the floor with the greatest of ease. Looking stylish in sparkly black, these two had us in their web from the word go. Matt said he was so excited to see this couple, two of his favourite dancers. He thought it was light and energetic, with a distinctive modern element. Bonnie loved seeing such sharp, charismatic dancers onstage. She thought Kate was stunning, and displayed such determination. Exceptional and eloquent. Jason said he ached for the routine, and it was so good, he could hardly breathe. It made him smile, and it was Fred-and-Ginger effortless.

Look out, it’s Ballroom Boy meets Breakin’ B-Girl! Yup, Demi and Henry are double trouble and they’re kicking off their partnership with House. Don’t be fooled – we’re not talking about the music craze of the 90s, we’re talking about a style which rose to prominence back in the 70s and is a descendant of Disco. This had the crowd screaming the house down with joyous, fast-paced and complicated moves. Matt said it was a really great routine, but it wasn’t executed well. He said their unison was out and Henry was ahead of the beat. An upset Demi admitted she had made a few mistakes in the routine prompting Bonnie to remind her how popular she is, and if she does, to get over it and get back on the horse. She is strong, she is invincible, she is Demi! Jason started by giving choreographers Project Moda props, then asked the question if the dancers did the routine justice? He pointed out the fact that Demi is an untrained dancer, but she needs to own the routines, and not to let any slip-ups get to her, and that Henry was off the beat. Vote to keep these dancers in the competition!

Lock up your daughters – Rhiannon and Graeme are Burlesque babes! Graeme wrote in his blog this week he hopes sex sells, and wowsers, do we ever know what it means! The hotties had drawn the suggestive, saucy style Burlesque from the infamous hat and that meant was time to bust out bedroom eyes and whip it good! Poured into a lacy corset, racy Rhiannon was very much the vixen, but Matt started out his comments by expressing the difficulty the youngest dancers left in the competition had executing such a sexy performance. He thought they executed the steps well but didn’t see a great connection. Bonnie said it was a tricky and difficult routine. She thought it was a shame Graeme didn’t have more dance moves, as most of the routine was spent supporting Rhiannon. He thought it was pretty good, but not great. Jason loved the old school Burlesque feel. He thought it was a great and interesting routine, and reminded the audience at home that these performers are dancing ten hours a day, and are bruised and battered because of it. He said he started to buy Rhiannon about halfway through, and that Graeme was a little fresh. If you reckon these guys are fresh, vote to keep them on that stage!

Back to Kate and Jack! Out of slinky black and back in sharp suits to nail a clever Hip Hop routine. Jack’s first time onstage was as a young Cosmo Brown in ‘Singing in the Rain’, and now SYTYCD brings him back there. Another impressive routine from choreographer Supple – an intricate remix of the Gene Kelly classic. “I wanted to honor what that dance represents to a lot of dancers,” he explains. “And to also honour all of the pioneers who have made dance what it is. It’s a tribute.” Matt said it was the second time tonight the pair have taken a classic theme or genre and made it modern. For him, Kate and Jack were the couple of the night. Bonnie loved it. From the word go she saw the body language, and said Kate was just exceptional. Everything was here in one routine. Jason said that was show business – the routine was pure entertainment. Dancing is supposed to look effortless, and they did that ten-fold.

Next up Demi and Henry in a sweet Contemporary routine that imaged the pair as innocent young lovers, idling away an afternoon simply with infatuation. Matt said it was joyous, and they did a great job of a technical routine. It was playful. He pointed out it was Demi’s third week of Contemporary, and how well she was doing adapting to the different styles. Bonnie thought they did a great job of using the floor. It was such a change from their styles and it was just beautiful to see young love. Jason said he felt it. He loved the top and the tail of the routine. He pointed out it was a very technical routine for the least technical dancers left in the competition, but their lack of technique matched, so they weren’t left behind. He praised Demi’s fantastic acting, and said he bought her and bought everything that she does.

Showtime! Vanessa and Rhys were back with a flashy, entertaining routine to the famous song ‘America’ from the musical West Side Story. The routine required the usually demure Vanessa to transform into a powerful woman not afraid to say no – could she pull it off? Matt kicked off the comments by saying West Side Story is his favourite musical of all time, and ‘America’ is his favourite song, but Vanessa’s portrayal of the dominant Puerto Rican female – a woman with shtick and attack – was a little under at first, but she soon got into it. He said Rhys had the strength required to bring it home. Bonnie agreed in that she felt Vanessa lacked the attack and vibrancy, and didn’t get the connection, and that she should have been tantalizing Rhys. She said Rhys, as usual, was very, very good – it was a Rhys inferno! Jason said Vanessa looked fragile, and was showing a weakness where she needed to be strong. He said Rhys was amazing in the competition, and that he adopted everything going on, and while he did expect a little more from him, he is a formidable, versatile dancer.

Closing the show to brand new Madonna was Rhiannon and Graeme donned up in black and white as undercover agents, Brad and Angelina-style a la Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The style? Jazz Funk Hip Hop! Matt said the routine was like a comfy pair of jeans for the two, and he loved watching them dancing this style – they got out there and killed it. Bonnie said right from the beginning she was captured by the moment. This week she felt both Rhiannon and Graeme upped their game. She felt they both worked well together, and Rhiannon was still trouble. Jason said all the dancers were trouble. It was a great night of great dancing with great choreographer providing the moves. He said the routine had synchronicity, and while they owned it, it was slightly overdanced it. But overall they rocked the house!

Vote to keep your favourite dancer in the competition!

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