SYTYCD: Top 16 Verdict

You came, you saw, you voted. From your bottom three, we farewell dancing partners Stephanie and Marko.

“Tell me why/ I don’t like Mondays/ I want to shoot/ The whole day down”. So sung Sir Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats, true in 1979 and still so true today. Mondays mean back to work or school, Mondays mean four sleeps to the weekend, Mondays mean eviction night.

And what an eviction night. With the shock of top dancers Hilton and Kassy being sent home last week, all and sundry knew when it came to the bottom three, all bets were off. Here’s how the night played itself out.

Helloooo sailor! Another all-in group piece kicked off the show with fast-paced flair. Created by the legendary Jason Gilkison, this week it was all about the Lindy Hop. Hailing from the streets of en-why-see (New York, where else?) in the late 1920s, the Lindy Hop evolved from a mish-mash of street styles popular at the time, such as Jazz, Tap and the Charleston. Belonging to the sassy Swing family, this high-energy partner style upped the fun factor, and saw our boys looking their best in khakis and our girls as pretty as pin-ups.

The stress-levels were sky-high for the first two couples onstage. Rhiannon and J.D. both had a strong start to the competition, but Sunday night’s Tango saw J.D. drop the ball badly, freezing like a deer in headlights midway through the pair’s saucy Tango routine. Bollywooders Kate and Graeme had been in the bottom three last week, with both of Kate’s dancing partners being sent home, one by one. You could have cooked rice with pressure in the room – so imagine the raw joy and surprise when all four dancers were declared safe!!

Next up stood Indie Jazz duo Demi and Jack; Soul Swingers Laura and Anthony and Krumping kids Stephanie and Marko. Did Australia think Demi and Jack had the Jazz mojo to make it through to the Top 14? You guys sure did, these guys will be back next week! But unfortunately for the other two couples, they would both be back onstage, Dancing For Their Lives.

That leaves us with three more couples. Jemma and Rhys yet again stunned audiences with Sunday’s dramatic Paso Doble, picking up for the second time the Cadbury Breathtaking Moment. The judges were unanimous in their adoration of this powerful routine – and Australia agreed. They were safe. That left martial arts dancers Camilla and Sermsah vs. Modern Disco divas, Vanessa and Henry. While Jason felt Henry stole the routine and Matt said Vanessa looked relaxed and comfortable, this pair was the final in the bottom three.

In a whirl of loose limbs, high kicks, muscular torso and popping booties, six dancers flew round the stage hoping desperately their sweet moves would impress the judges. Jason commented the challenge he issued to the dancers last week, that their solos should be more connected to themselves as performers and more than just tricks, had been taken up. He congratulated the performers – but two would still have to go.

As Kiwi rapper Scribe hyped up the already salivating audience, our four judges trooped backstage to make yet another difficult decision

First up was the announcement of the girl dancer staying. Due to being unique and her growth so far, it was announced as Vanessa. Jason went on to say that Stephanie and Laura both performed well, and their solos were connected to who they were as dancers. But this competition was about growth, as well as brilliance. The dancer announced as leaving was Stephanie.

The judges’ decision for the boys was not unanimous. Again, Jason emphasized that the competition was about diversity, growth and learning – more than just learning steps. The first dancer announced as safe was Henry, who Jason described as the most versatile ballroom dancer in the competition. This left Marko and Anthony. Jason said it was a lose/ lose situation, as both were amazing, great dancers. The dancer to leave was announced as Marko.

Tune in next Sunday for your Top 14.

Georgia Clark



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