SYTYCD: Sample Blog: Rhys

Top six show… here we go! I think this week we were a little more prepared for the workload, as we all had been performing two routines already. So Kate and I were lucky enough to whip out a Jason Gilkison Rumba which we were frothing up over. From the moment Jason played us the beautiful Enzso song, shivers went up my spine and I welled up a little. It’s such a powerful track, and Kate and I worked really hard to live up to its impact. Looking back on the routine now, there were definitely things that could have been a little neater, and I wish that I had given it a little bit more. I kind of feel like Kate shone a little more than I did, and I guess in the Ballroom world, that’s OK, but for the sake of the competition, I wanna pop too! As for our second routine of the night, which was the male trio choreographed by Supple, I was chuffed. I think all three of us really nailed it, and gave Australian audiences something they hadn’t seen before. Turns out to be a little bit of a controversial routine as well, reading comments on the internet showed that people were a little confused by the term Hip Hop, and didn’t quite understand Supple’s interpretative choreographic nature. But I loved it! Not to say that we all didn’t struggle through the rehearsal process to recreate Supple’s organic vision, but I think the end result was really effective. I loved the costumes too. And any chance I get my paint face painted, I’m there baby!

Then we get to Monday night. How special was the group opener! Jason – or Gilly as I call him – is fierce! The boys were butch and the girls were saucy. We all really loved that routine, and thought that it was shot immaculately. We just kept wanting to perform it over and over! But alas the fun had to end when it came to the eliminations. All six of us were soooo tense that night. There was that air of the unknown. At that stage in the competition, nobody could really tell who would stay and who would go. It was tighter a fishes bum, as Kelley would say. I was quite shocked when my name was called out first by the lovely Natalie. I was really expecting it to be between Graeme and myself, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got to sit down with Katie first. It was so cool to finally be able to perform my 30 second solo, as I’ve never had to dance for my life, but as Graeme eloquently put, I danced for myself. I think everyone did. And we ripped it! On the stage after her elimination was announced, Vanessa told me that I was her favourite partner to work with, which was a bit hard to hear, seeing as I wouldn’t have the opportunity to work one on one with her again. She has such a beautiful heart and is matched only by her beautiful technique. I don’t know if eliminating Graeme was such a good idea – now the ret of Australia has to contend with him! After a few tears he was back to his old self, whooping it up and loving every minute. That boy is gonna go really far.

As for this week, very few words can describe how I feel. I’m a bit emotionally exhausted. I don’t feel much of a connection between my brain and my body, so I’m hoping that muscle memory takes over and my brain allows me to do all of the performing. Our workload has increased two-fold. In the dance world, it’s kinda like cramming for exam. Our brains are trying to retain so much information, and we have so little time to consolidate or even rest. So I’m kinda unsure about how Sunday will play out. All I know is I’ll give it my best, and pray that disaster doesn’t strike. After that however, I’m so looking forward to getting the other 16 dancers back in town to start rehearsals for the grand finale. It’s gonna be such a different vibe than before – everyone was under so much pressure, and now we’re all here to live it and love it. I’m sure many surprises are being kept from us, and will only be revealed to us as the grand finale unfolds, so it’s bound to be a crazy show. I can’t wait! You guys have got a whole week to vote in the meantime, so I apologise in advance for your huge phone bills – nudge nudge. Nah, but seriously, thank you so much for any support you have given me during my journey, whether it be just watching the show, reading my blogs or developing RSI through multiple texts. It means the world to me and I’ve never felt more support ever in my life. The feeling is indescribable, so whatever happens, in the near or late future know that I’ve loved giving you every little piece of me, and will continue to strive to give you more and more.

All my love, Rhys.

Style Tip for the Week: No matter what the magazines say is fashionable, no matter what the style gurus say is trendy, always be happy in your own skin, because it’s the only one you’ll have. Nothing looks as good on you as you do!

I’d spend the $200,000 on: A deposit down on a house, and maybe follow the advice of my parents and boyfriend and do some investing. I may splurge a little, and I think I’ll buy something nice for the other Top Three.

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I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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