Oz Idol: Final 8 Performance

Final 8 performances (recap)

Tonight, Idol plays host to the hottest VIP party in town – it’s Rock night, and you’re on the guest list! Helping the Idols this week were rock royalty Tim Farriss and Kirk Pengilly from genre-defining Aussie rock band INXS, with Kirk in the hotseat to help the judges decide who could cut it in the rock world.

Lenny Kravitz didn’t just once date Nicole Kidman, he also released the ridiculously successful, “Are You Gonna Go My Way”! Tonight sheep-shearer-turned-Rock-God, Luke, delivered this firing on four cylinders. Dicko said his big, powerful voice tore it up, but he needed Luke to discover some different flavours in his voice because right now, it was too one-dimensional. With Mo-Town coming up next week, Luke promised he’d find more light and shade.

Turning it up to 11 was Mr. Thanh Bui, with Linkin Park’s “Shadow of the Day”. Thanh was adamant he would stick to what he knows this week, with mixed results from the judges – Kirk and Marcia liked it, but Kyle felt there was something missing, which Dicko thought was due to Thanh overthinking his performances. He encouraged Thanh to be “unconsciously capable”; singing is emotional, not mental.

Next up was Sophie, with Silverchair’s “Ana’s Song”, a song about Daniel Johns’ struggle with anorexia. Kirk thought she was a unique performer, but she needed to work on her stage presence and stagecraft. Dicko agreed; it was a tough song, and while she did a really good job with it, she needed to open up a little more and explain who Sophie is.

Tonight Teale was taking on alt-rock hit “Slide” by a band who swept to stardom in the mid-90s, the Goo Goo Dolls. The INXS boys had many suggestions for how nice guy Teale could heat his stage presence up, but after his performance, Kirk expressed disappointment that he hadn’t taken any of their advice onboard. Dicko said the fact he was dependable was both a pro and a con; all agreed it was time to step it up.

Next up, soul chick Roshani was rocking out with the Foo Fighters “The Pretender”. The balls-out rock song earnt a standing ovation from both Dicko and Marcia, with Dicko saying Roshani tore it apart; it was energetic and full of commitment. Everyone agreed; Roshani grabbed the song by the throat and delivered!

It was the first Number One single in the UK for U2, and lead single from the album Rattle and Hum. It is, of course, rock anthem extraordinaire, “Desire”, and Wes Carr was the man entertaining you with it. And entertain he did! The judges agreed Wes’ energetic performance was the performance of the night, with Kyle naming the Bondi lad his favourite of the competition!

Second last on the big stage was Miss Chrislyn, fresh from her brush with the Bottom Three last week. She was back this week channeling ‘Angry Chrislyn’ with “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt, but unfortunately the performance didn’t completely win over the judges. Kyle said the end of the song was 10/ 10, but the first part scored only a four, while Dicko said it was a clumsy, largely pointless performance.

The pressure was on this week for Mark Spano to step it up a notch, and he used King’s of Leon’s new hit “Sex on Fire” to do just that! Kyle said it was fantastic and spot-on, while Dicko said it was sexy and cool, and that Australia’s collective female libido would’ve felt a tremor during his performance!

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