Now No Now: Inside Indie in Sydney 4

In between hanging with the hotness that is London’s cutest Suicide Girl, Miss Fanny Suicide, (love ya babe!) and making underground rock ’n’ roll vampire movies (more on that later…), Now No Now presents our latest instalment on all thing indie, down under. It’s winter here so this month, in order to get rugged up and cosy, we’re all about bringing you sweet Sydney affection, in this: the love edition. Who said hipsters couldn’t get romantic?

Aiight, I’m gonna be a bit naughty this month and talk about a few indie bands who aren’t actually based in Sydney but who are just so damn cool you’ll be doing your own special happy dance once you fill your ears with them. First up let’s head north to Bris-Vegas and meet the kids who used to be pals with The Grates – that is, until said threesome fucked off overseas to record their debut album Gravity Won’t Get You High, tour with the likes of We Are Scientists and The Go! Team, get famous, never look back. If The Grates were a food, they’d be a chocolate crackle: sweet, crunchy and retro; in possession of an effortless, unique style, inevitably irresistible and eternally desirable. If The Grates were an expression it’d be ‘Wowsers’. These kids mix bouncy indie rock with offbeat lyrics and a happy, deliberate naivety which saw them landing the much coveted Artic Monkeys support slot (Sydney has well and truly taken the Monkey bait, all shows selling out in record Franz Ferdinand-esque time). A fair chunk of the bands appeal rest in crazily cute front-girl Patience’s shoes, she of the permanent grin and killer vox. Cuz this is the love edition, we asked Patience who she’d like to be irresistibly desirable to: “I would love to be irresistible to Chris Rock! I’d imagine his manner of courtship would either be a little bit ‘poor-town’ i.e: takes me out for fried chicken and soda, or unimaginably well planned and hilarious beyond comprehension.” And her favourite love song? “‘First Time’ by Jebediah”. Awww. Check these guys out stat

And now down we scoot south. Melbourne is a town as tough as Marlon Brando before he got fat. While here in Sydney we wear flip-flops to work, grow our hair long and go for surfs in our lunch breaks, in Melbourne they’re too busy creating cutting edge street art and opening funky bars to bother with physical exertion. There’s a great quote about our cultural divide along the lines of: In Melbourne you start a magazine. In Sydney, you throw a party. Anyways so Melbs is run by an electro rock mafia whose club head-quarters reside in Dan from Cut Copy’s pad. His right hand men include Damn Arms and band du jour, Midnight Juggernauts. The Juggers have just released their second EP Secrets of the Universe and it’s so awesome it’d make Stephen Hawkins cut the rug. First single ‘Shadows’ sounds like what they’d play at a roller disco in hell, appropriate considering the guys (Vincent, Andy and Dan) told us they were listening to Xanadu, Thriller and Slayer at the time. Check out their 12” hitting your shores right about now through Cut Copy’s label Cutters. Another important member of the cool kid mafia is film-maker Chris Hill. He’s made video clips for all three aforementioned bands and I’m tellin’ ya straight, we have found the next Chris Cunningham. He’s also totally sweet and humble which we at Now No Now find is an important quality in our exceptionally talented arteests. What does he love? The movie El Topo by Alexandro Jodoworsky. Check his pretty pictures out at and admire the brilliance.

My words not enough to convince you that Sydney ain’t too shabby? Photographic evidence might change your tune. Meet Daniel Boudist, Sydney-based snapper. His immaculately maintained website documents the rock and the roll and the everything in between of this town. And I’m not talking about some guy whose like, ‘I bought a digital camera on eBay and now I’m like, a photographer’, I’m talking word class photos. Daniel is one of the go-to guys for the indie scene and lots of local bands are getting the dude to take their first publicity shots, so his site is well worth a trawl. Plus he’s genuinely nice and extremely helpful with tips for fellow enthusiasts. We love that. It’s all about the love.

OK teamsters, time’s up so I’ll leave you with Mr Lewis and his pals, The News;

“Don’t need money, don’t take fame

Don’t need no credit card to ride this train

It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes

But it might just save your life

That’s the power of love”

Try getting that outta your head!



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