Midnight Juggernauts

Radio track: They are three. They from Melbourne. They make music.

Album remix: Life is sweet for electrorock deviants Midnight Juggernauts cuz they are like, besties with Cut Copy, so much so that the Cutters are releasing their 12”’s in old London town on their record label, Cutters. The right ears will consequently be primed to hear their new remixes and then their new EP and then their debut album and then they’ll be, like, totally famous the world over. Moreso.

Yr new music seems spookier. Have you been watching more scary movies, if not, to what do you attribute this to?

Well I try not to confess the amount of dodgy old films I sometimes watch because it seems to concern some people. We do like to infuse our music with dark atmospherics though I’ll attribute this to the end of summer and the cold Antarctic winds which rush us at night.

‘Shadows’ sounds like what they’d play at the rollerdisco in hell. Was this intentional? What’s the party like at the rollerdisco in hell?

OK, a rollerdisco in hell sounds like an apt description. I suppose that was intentional as we were listening to Xanadu, Thriller and Slayer at the time. I suppose the associated party would revolve around a huge burning disco ball of fire. The walls would be melting from the heat so there’d be no side areas to stop and rest. Just keep on skating.

What stage are you at in the Midnight Juggernauts game plan?

We’re currently standing at the edge of the cliff, looking at the steep drop below where the sea battles the rocky shore. Our next jump will either see us fall to a watery grave, or fly like an eagle to the blue sky above. We’re currently putting out our 12”s in the uk which are going really well. We’re looking forward to finally playing there but we want to get this album together first.

Your latest best anecdote about being in an all-night-party band involves:

Well no amazing new anecdotes but I am noticing that party people at our shows are quite courteous and helpful. We don’t need a car anymore as our two last gigs ended with a 4am trail of cooperative people carrying all our equipment from the venue back to homebase. It looked like we were on some African expedition. This would make more sense if I could draw a picture for you.

Which TV family

  1. Would you like to join
  2. Most resembled your actual family

I’d like to join the Jetsons so I could fly around with them in a hovership. Though our real families perhaps resemble the flintstones because they use woolly mammoths as vacuum cleaners.

Whatcha up to, exactly: still recording? Partying like mofos? Getting very nerdy about new equipment? Planning new directions in sound and image?

All our shows are like parties so we’re having a good time with that. And we’re writing and recording a lot, generally pulling this debut album together. But first we’re releasing a new EP full of cool tunes. We’ve also been spending a lot of time on ebay trying to find new musical toys to play with. Plus we’re being asked to do quite a few remixes at the moment. Right now we’re doing one for Electric 6 and one for the Presets is doing well in the UK this month. Whenever we DJ we’ll always throw a couple of our new remixes in there to test how they work on the dancefloor. It’s great to get an instant response.

We’re also throwing a release together for Japan next month so we’re looking forward to getting there sometime too. We also just finished a new clip and working on another next month. Anyways I think all our new stuff is sounding great so we’re happy.

How’s the whole Cutters thing going?

The Cutters thing is going well. It’s a pretty sweet deal as we’re good friends with the Cutcopy guys so we trust how they’ll release our 12”s in the UK. We’d probably fit in the same circle they’ve reached in the UK so it’s good being able to use their networks and contacts to get our tunes to the right ears. We’ve now put out one 12” with them and about to do another next month so we’re starting to get some good responses from uk peoples. We’ve had troubles importing some of the 12”s into Australia but if you’re lucky you may find a copy in your favourite record store.

How long has Stricker been stickman? And what’s the month/ year you started gigging?

Dan is a great drummer so we asked him by chance if he wanted to jump onto the kit for a Sydney show a few months ago. We’ve never actually rehearsed before but somehow he knows what he’s doing so he clearly has the skillz to pay the billz. Midnight Juggernauts started at the cusp of 2004, then gained a drummer in 2005, then won the world cup in 2006.

Describe a credit card epiphany.

In this modern world of excessive consumption, credit is like a drug. It’s easy money for when your pockets are empty. Before you know it you’ve maxed out your card, leaving you to apply for a new card to pay off the first and then a further credit card to settle the next. Once you realize you’re still paying off a ghettoblaster you bought 10 years ago, it’s time to cut up your card. This is a strange question.

OK, this might sound weird, but I interviewed crew/actors on Home and Away today for my new gig at Channel 7 and I thought I’d throw a few in, word for word. (this part’s for 2000)

One of the great paradoxes of Summer Bay is its a moralistic, small-town community wherein its residents are continuously

  1. Bombarded with extreme drama
  2. Act is amoralistic ways

How do you ensure the audience stays on-side with characters acting badly in a highly unrealistic world?

Well it’s important to keep the cast young and goodlooking. Even if they’re amoralistic in their actions the teenage audience will stay onside as the cast are young and goodlooking.

If you could create a character for yourself to play on Home and Away, who would it be?

Sparky the Golden Retriever, that humps peoples legs.

How did you develop your character: what past experiences or people you know did you draw on?

I just watched lots of dogs in the park. And who could forget Bouncer from Neighbours, a true canine trailblazer.

What TV shows did you watch growing up?

Astroboy, Diff’rent Strokes, Punky Brewster, Alf, Growing Pains, we could be here a while…

What are you a Fan of?

I’m a fan of movie, music and book. One of the best books out there is called Extreme Canvas which documents a huge collection of hand painted movie posters from Ghana. I always look to it for inspiration.

Describe the Logies experience for someone who’se never been?

Lots of ex-brownlow girls willing to sleep with guys who pretend to be playas.

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