Interview: Tina Arena

Tina Arena Dazzles on Australian Idol

The gem in the Australian music crown, the delightful Tina Arena positively dazzled on Australian Idol tonight. In town to promote her wildly successful new album, Songs of Love and Loss 2, Tina offered invaluable advice to the spunky Final Three and took some time out to have a yarn with us.

Q. What can fans expect in your new album?

A. It’s a bunch of songs that were perhaps a little more recent than the ones that were chosen for volume one. It covers a broad spectrum of music – 70s and 80s… That’s it, 70s and 80s.

Q. What’s the secret to longevity in this business?

A. Not to be seduced by the fantasy, to know what it is that you really want. It’s a job, and it takes years to perfect. It boils down to great family, great support – it’s just getting on with business, and that’s singing.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about France?

A. France is very eclectic. I’ve loved the food; I’ve always loved the culture. I love the literature. My family’s French. It’s a beautiful history and it’s a beautiful culture. It’s learning about people, and the way that they live and approach things. It’s an education. France has been a tertiary education for me.

Q. Who is your Idol?

A. Piaf, Streisand, Stevie Wonder, the Joni Mitchells. Singer songwriters primarily.

On Fans: Fans, fortunately enough don’t mind the material, whatever it is that you choose.

On the Secret to Song Choice: To understand it feel it, let it move you, so you in turn can move other people.

On her New Album: There’s a lot of stuff in there that people will connect with.

Songs of Love and Loss 2 is instore now.



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