Interview: Chris Isaak

Exclusive Interview with Crooner Chris Isaak!

When it comes to American hit machines, rock muso Chris Isaak is pretty much music royalty. The handsome singer/ songwriter with a dry-as-a-bone sense of humor was back down under this month promoting his upcoming tour next year, and lucky for us he leapt at the chance to swing by Idol HQ and show our Final Four boys how American hits should be done. “We love being back in Sydney,” he told us. “ It’s always kinda surrealistic for me. When I’m here, I go to radio stations and TV stations – dressed up and made up. Then there are other moments where I’m running through the park, and I’m watching the bats up above me, and I go, ‘Does anyone else see this’”

Last time you laughed out loud: “Probably at my drummer Kenny, who tells me the same jokes he’s been telling me for 24 years, and I still fall for them.”

Last thing you bought: “I bought some hair grease at the local shop, but I haven’t paid for that yet so I don’t know if that counts.”

Last really good meal you had: “We went to a really nice restaurant called Aria. I don’t usually go to places that nice. Usually when I’m in Australia I’ll eat at Wagamama or somewhere like that, because I have a card, and if I buy 15 meals, I get a free one. And I’m working on that free one every time I come to Australia!”

Last song that you heard: “I heard Spano singing ‘Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing’. ‘Course the way does it is a whole better song!”

Check out all the dates for Chris’ tour here on the site, and don’t miss his live Monday performance on the show!

Georgia Clark


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