Interview: Brian McFadden

Exclusive Interview with Our Fave Irish Singer, Brian McFadden!

We’ve practically adopted singer/ songwriter Brian McFadden as a true-blue Aussie given his better half is none other than pop superstar Delta Goodrem herself! Like one of our Final 12, Thanh Bui, Brian started his career as a member of a successful Irish boy band Westlife, before starting his own solo career in 2004. His debut single “Real to Me” from first solo album Irish Son shot straight to the top of the UK charts, and the rest, as they say, is (pop music) history! We caught up with Brian to get his take on the Idol journey, why he loves Australia and where he writes all his best songs (hint: often referred to as ‘the smallest room in the house…’)

Q. Hey Brian! Welcome to Oz Idol. Can you tell us who your Idol is?

A. I don’t think I have one idol, I think I have many idols, from Gun ‘n’ Roses to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys to Michael Jackson. There’s so many different people that I look up to!

Q. It’s Michael Jackson week on Australian Idol – what’s your fave MJ track?

A. I’d say ‘Man in the Mirror’.

Q. How do you think you’d go on a show like Idol?

A. I don’t think I’d have the balls for it! When you’re being judged on every single thing that you do – every note you sing, every song that you sing – I don’t think I could handle that kind of pressure. It’s difficult for them. For people like me and Delta we gain experience as we make mistakes, but they don’t have room to make mistakes. If they make a mistake it could be the end of them.

Q. What puts you in the mood to create and write songs?

A. Personally it just happens – you can’t force it. The day that you’re not really interested in going into the studio, they’re normally the days that you write the best songs.

Q. What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever come up with a song?

A. All of my lyrics come on the toilet. It’s really weird, but if I’m writing a song and I get stuck on the lyrics, I’ll go to the toilet to get away from the studio and I always come back with the rest of the lyric written!

Q. Who’s your favourite new artist you’ve discovered?

A. Sam Sparro – really like what he’s doing. It’s kinda carefree and fun – he’s pretty cool. He’s a very, very likeable guy as well, very nice, very talented. I think that all goes together as well. I think the Idols could look up to him and the attitude that Sam Sparro has. It’s important to appreciate everything that you’re getting.

Q. You’ve obviously spent a lot of time in Australia as a result of your relationship with Delta – what’s your favourite thing about being here?

A. I like the fact you can go skiing. I like the fact that it’s really, really hot and you can go skiing in Thredbo. You’ve got a bit of everything here. I’ve spent so much time with Delta and her family; I don’t even really notice the Australian accent. It feels like I’m Australian!

Q. You had a BBQ over at the Idol’s place last night – what was that like?

A. It was great! We had a laugh, had a singalong. They’re really nice kids, really easy to get along with.

Q. What’s your favourite BBQ food?

A. Big steaks!

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