Red Riders Bio

By Georgia Clark

They are: Adrian Deutsch (vocals/ guitar): Nerd boy guitar hero who turned a fine arts degree into band practise by writing pop songs masquerading as “noise soundscapes”. The organised, quiet, chilled-out one.

Al Grigg (vocals/ guitar) Possessing the finest quiff since Kramer, Al pulls off a nice 21st century rock star thing – one minute self-effacing and modest, the next ridiculously charming and cocky. Self defined as ‘the entertainer’. Nice one Al.

Matt Chapman (bass/ backing vocals): The cute mopey one who never seems to be that mopey. Ditched a media degree in New Zealand to join the band – even though he’d never played bass in his life.

Tom Wallace (drums/ backing vocals): The bloodnut photographer slash drummer. Infamous for chronic forgetfulness and thus planning on having only one kid.

Together they foster a strong collective approach to Red Riders’ vision: pop music with depth that’s about to rescue the mainstream.

They formed: Early 2003. A lucky coincidence on an airplane from New Zealand, friendships formed whilst on exchange in Canberra and a chance meeting at a BRMC gig. Hilarity ensues.

They play: Infectious, upbeat indie rock.

They’ve released: Red Riders [self-released, EP].

They’re releasing: Following their signing to Ivy League, their second EP The Plan A is due out September 26. The Plan A sees the band in a post-homage stage of music making. The result is a more confident, mature and lyrically honest EP, boasting heart-on-your-sleeve dark pop gems. Mixed by Wayne Connelly and recorded at Velvet Sound Studios, The Plan A sees the Riders reach a new stage as a band. Plus you can dance to it and it’s real fun.

They’re influenced by: The Clash, The Cure, The Cars. Think the tightness of Brit-pop shot through with a snarl of first wave punk.

They’ve played with: International superstars like Franz Ferdinand, The Shins, Sahara Hotnights, Death From Above, The Sleepy Jackson and more. East Coast tours with The Cops and Youth Group. Plus sell-out headline shows with every local band worth their weight in stripy shirts and band badges.

What they say about us: Everyone from street media to Hotpress to Rolling Stone has gotten excited about these guys but we won’t bore you with facts – like the time ‘Tune In\Tune Out reached Number 3 on the Triple Js Net 50, the station on which they were also a Next Crop featured artist in Oz Music Month. We feel one of the bands highlights was getting the following nod in Sydney street press The Brag’s Top Ten So Hot Right Now list of 2004, “You know a band has that X-factor when you realise glossy trading cards are the perfect merch idea. One day the Riders will star in their own high school teen comedy series where they play in an indie pop band as they solve non-violent crime by eating at a 60s-styled local diner and making out with girl guest stars who think they’re ‘really neat’. That or they’ll discover cocaine triggers the same part of your brain that affects you when you fall in love (true), develop major hooker addictions and end up becoming Sydney’s answer to Motley Crue. Either way, we’re tuning in.”

Why pay attention: The Red Riders are not a hard sell. Four young, good-looking guys who play catchy guitar-driven pop that’s both radio-friendly and smacking of indie cred. In an excitable musical climate that worships art-rock you can dance to [the Franz] and four nerds who play post-punk pop hits [Bloc Party], it’s a good time to be in a band like the Red Riders.

“Red Riders have already worked their way through the groupie phase, and they haven’t even released an album yet. You can’t blame them. Every lass, lad and Australian Idol ‘Rock Chick’ finalist wants to have sex with them. If they make it to the New Year without the delivery of a baby or a restraining order, we can look forward to the album to end all albums. Right, boys?”


The Plan A is out September 26.


About Georgia

I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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