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Page title: Blue chip Melbourne property consultant & investment service

Page description: Property consultants at GProperty with proven property investing strategies offering pre-sale access to luxurious, blue-chip Melbourne investment properties


Established in 1998, GProperty offers serious property investors a complete service for their property investing portfolios, from experienced, passionate property consultants.

Our property consultants’ strategies are based on multiple investments, minimum capital outlay and risk reduction – tried and tested methods which work. Property consultants at GProperty know how to make your assets work harder to create significant financial reward.

Property investing is no light undertaking, but with a knowledgeable and connected property consultant on your side, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Property Consultants With Track Records That Count

Property consultants at GProperty are regularly offered high quality residential projects before they’re offered to the general public.

Developers know our property consultants only work with select clients who are interested in intelligent property investment. Take the hassle out of shopping around for the market’s best investment properties with a GProperty property consultant.

Property consultants at GProperty offer you:

  • Pre-sale access to Melbourne’s most profitable investment properties
  • Excellence in property management services
  • Strategies to buy and sell investment properties which maximise profit
  • Personalised property investment advice

The people who make up our property consultant team are the best in the business, and their impressive track records simply speak for themselves.

Property Consultants Create Long-Lasting Wealth.

Property consultants at GProperty are the competitive edge you need to truly become financially secure. It’s our mission to create for you a solid future in property investment through education, support and advice.

To take advantage of the best property consultants in Melbourne, make an appointment with GProperty today.


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GProperty Services

Page title: Property investor services for a prime property portfolio

Page description: GProperty offers a full range of property investor services and invaluable property investment tips to ensure the long-term financial reward of clients’ property portfolios

A Solid Property Portfolio

As a high quality property management service, GProperty’s services are designed to ensure that your property portfolio is a true investment in long-term wealth. We’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring that each luxury Melbourne property you secure for your portfolio is a solid investment. There’s nothing we won’t do to ensure your experience buying investment property for your portfolio is anything but the best!

Our comprehensive property investor support includes:

  • Your personal property investment strategy for a solid property portfolio
  • Invaluable property investment tips and advice
  • Assistance negotiating all legal contracts and tax law
  • Tips on the financial return your property investment will offer
  • A licensed real estate agent to help with selling investment property

A Property Portfolio That’s In Demand

It’s essential your property portfolio is a handsome selection of boutique developments in established inner city areas. Our professional property consultants can offer hot tips on the pedigree of the developer, architect, builder and property investment you’re considering.

Property Investment Tips You Can Count On

With GProperty, you’ll be able to secure the best new property off-the-plan for your portfolio. Our property investment tips will help ensure your portfolio is stacked with properties secured at a significant reduction, through our understanding of all legal concerns. Our experience will ensure your property portfolio choices aren’t distracted by flashy marketing campaigns or suspect two-tier schemes.

Interested in more property investment tips? Our news [NEWS LINK HERE] section offers more insight into building the best property portfolio you can!

For a strategic property portfolio, make an appointment with GProperty today.


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Investment property projects

Page title: Property developments in exclusive, prime Melbourne locations

Page description: Property developments and property for investment cherry-picked b experienced property consultants that create long-term financial return

Investment Property Projects

As an exciting, world-class city, new property developments in Melbourne have much to offer the potential property investor. If you’re seriously looking for a property for investment that will reap rewards now and in the future, it must be the very best Melbourne has to offer.

Property consultants at GProperty only offer property developments to our clients that have exceptional growth potential. Our case studies of recent property developments are great examples of this.

Property Developments For A Secure Future

Our expert property development advice, insight and strategies ensure your next property development is a secure investment. We only consider property developments that are:

  • Prime, sought-after Melbourne locations
  • Areas of high economic growth
  • Sourced directly from the developer

All these factors ensure your portfolio of property developments is low-risk with a high financial reward. Our personalised services ensure property development success, as we work with you every step of the way to create and maintain a strong portfolio.

Strategic Property Developments

Don’t waste significant time or money making an investment in property that isn’t going to deliver in the long-term. GProperty has access to Melbourne’s most prestigious addresses, and can help you purchase a property for investment before the general public can. Our luxurious, blue-chip current projects are proof that when it comes to property development, we’re Melbourne’s experts.


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Investor FAQ

Page title: FAQs about property investment services in Melbourne

Page description: Frequently asked questions about GProperty’s boutique property investment services and property portfolio strategies in Melbourne.

Q. Why is there an investment property boom in Melbourne?

A. As a world-class city on the rise, Melbourne has much to offer the individual or family interested in property investing. Melbourne investment properties offer great returns and impressive growth potential.

Q. Why should I consider an investment property service like Melbourne’s GProperty?

A. We offer strategic property investing advice, access to a licensed real estate who can help buy and sell your investment properties, as well as access to off-the-plan deals not made available to the public. Our property consultants can help you manage a portfolio of luxury Melbourne investment properties.

Q. What’s in it for me in the long-term?

A. A solid number of investment properties create financial stability for you and your family, allowing you to travel, retire early, ensure a first-rate education for your kids – the list goes on!

Q. There’s so many neighbourhoods in Melbourne – how can you pick what investment properties are best?

A. We consider many factors when sourcing and identifying blue-chip investment properties, including employment growth, micro and macro economic facilities, the pedigree of the architect, designer and developer, and more. Through our years of experience in Melbourne’s investment property industry, we know which properties are worth investing in.

Q. Why do you get offered a ‘first look’ deal of Melbourne’s best investment properties?

A. Because developers know we have a discerning and reliable clientele list serious about intelligent property investing and purchasing off-the-plan luxury developments.

Q. I’m interested in an investment property portfolio in Melbourne but don’t know a lot about it. What’s the next step?

A. There’s plenty of information on this site to fill in the blanks, like our handy glossary [GLOSSARY LINK HERE]. After you’ve spent time browsing, make an appointment to talk with one of our property consultants to see how you can create a secure future.


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