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Life lessons learnt from Gossip Girl

“Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” Ah, those 15 little words send shivers of perfect outfit pleasure up our spines every time we hear them. But Gossip Girl isn’t just about hot guys and hotter hairstyles – there are also some very valuable life lessons to be learned too (um, seriously).

1. The Past Will Come Back To Haunt You

Yup, no matter how far you run, some conniving troublemaker is bound to show up with a video of that time you bailed on that random guy OD-ing. (Georgina! So evil!) Trying to bury a deep, dark secret is like trying to catch Blair in a bad outfit: an exercise in sheer futility. The next time you think you can get away with getting it on with your BFF’s boy, think again. ‘Fessing up now will save some major back-pedalling in the future – or better yet, don’t even go there in the first place!

2. People Rarely Change (Even If The Outfits Do)

Oh Blair. We want to believe you’re ‘turning over a new leaf’. We really do. But you’re Blair Waldorf, professional schemer. And he’s Chuck Bass, professional bad boy. And she’s Serena van de Woodsen, professional wild child. Every time any of our GG faves claims to be changing, we know it means they’ll come back from Spain having possibly gotten hitched after a big night (Serena) or be selling out their boyfriend for a chance to appear in the New York Times wedding section (Blair). Old dog, new tricks – you get the gist.

3. Date Outside Your Type.

What do you get when a good guy from Brooklyn falls for a former bad girl from Manhattan? True love, that’s what! (well, at least for a season or so). They were from different worlds, but just like Marissa and Ryan, Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls or any true star-crossed lovers, they made it work. He didn’t need five-star restaurants, tuxedos or town cars to win over S, he just needed to be nice. And funny. And smart. So keep an eye outside your box. You never know when a Lonely Guy might just show up…

4. Popularity Ain’t All Its Cracked Up To Bee

Being Queen Bee is Blair’s soul purpose in life, but how good is it for her soul? Time and time again we see the unhappiness her scheming brings, and the Mean Girl playground politics that goes along with the bloodthirsty battle for the throne. In her own words “I’m sick of always looking like Darth Vader next to sunshine Barbie [Serena]”. If you’re striving to be Queen Bee of your school, consider pouring that energy into the hot, rich brooding bad boy who might just be in love with you…

5. Famous People Want To Be Just Like Us

They do! Olivia-the-famous-movie-star (played by H. Duff) wanted to go to university and have roommates and date regular non-famous guys like regular old Dan! Okay, so she also wanted to have threesomes and go on cool talk shows but whatever. It’s more fun to believe the latter.

6. Money Can’t Buy You Happiness, But It Can Buy You Awesome Outfits

True dat.

7. Opposites Attract, But Similarities Sizzle!

Chuck and Blair. Blair and Chuck. Words cannot describe how much we heart their twisted made-for-each-other love. Whether they’re setting up fake cheating scenarios just for fun, or are just setting each other up, these two show that if you can’t beat him, join him. *Sigh!*.



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