What He’s Really Thinking

Boys uncovered! We take you deep inside their nervous masculine minds….

We asked seven guys to ‘fess up about what they’re really thinking when it comes to dating, dumping and saying ‘I love you’.

When you’re talking to a girl you have a crush on

“I’m thinking about how awesome she is, so I become very nervous.” Jon, 17

“What I want to say and what I end up saying are completely different because of nerves.” Kyle, 17

“I really need to swallow but if I do, then she’ll know I’m nervous so I’m gonna have to wait until she looks away. Throat hurts. Please look away…” Michael, 15

“Trying to impress her without looking like an idiot.” Ben R, 17

When you’re on a first date

“I’m feeling TOTALLY and UTTERLY self-conscious. I would give anything to be inside the other person’s head! What are they thinking? Are they having a good time? Have I done anything embarrassing? It’s mayhem inside my brain.” Ben P, 16

“When I’m on a first date I like to take things as they happen. It’s more spontaneous and exciting. It’s a lot more enjoyable for the two of you if you just let things flow.” Jon, 17

“Does everyone around here know we’re on a first date? I bet they can tell. Try to act natural.” Michael, 15

When your sports team loses a match

“I shake hands and pretend I don’t care, but I’m usually angry – until I resolve to beat them next time.” Michael, 15

“You’re half concerned about what others will think about you and overly conscious you didn’t let anyone down on the field. But as a team you’re in it together and it’s a ‘win some, lose some’ kind of mentality.” Will, 17

Before you tell a girl you love her

“Even when you know she feels the same way about you, your mind spins and your stomach churns. For one second all your focus comes upon a few little words.” Jon, 17

“I think I love her. Do I love her? Is this love? I’m pretty sure this is love. Here goes…” Michael, 15

“I said this to one of my best friends and was incredibly worried that by telling her I’d be ruining our friendship. It kinda did. Now we border on this weird psuedo-friendship and are utterly unable to communicate normally without fear of hurting each other.” Morgan, 18

“Nervous. You’re concerned you read all the signals wrong and perhaps you completely have the wrong idea.” Will, 16

When you’re breaking up with someone

“I like to do it face to face and give the truthful reason.” Kyle, 17

“You’re worried about her. It’s clearly not working but the last thing you want is for her to feel awful about it. It’s going to be much worse for her” Will, 16

When you’re getting dumped

“The last time I was dumped I was wondering if there was someone else. I’m fairly sure that might be what’s going through most people’s minds.” Morgan, 18

“Remember that scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary where she sings ‘All By Myself’? You get the picture…” Ben P, 16

When you fail an exam

“Depends how hard you worked for it. Although it’s perceived as pretty cool sometimes to flunk an exam – deep down it’s really disappointing and embarrassing. There’ll be a façade of ‘cool’ put up and a few throwaway lines of, ‘Lucky I didn’t study’ – but it feels like you’ve let yourself down.” Will, 16

“Afraid of how my parents will react!” Ben R, 17

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