What are the chances that…

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What are the chances you’ll live on the moon? Or win Lotto? Or meet RPattz? We suss the chances of your Top 20 what ifs…

There is intelligent life out there somewhere.

“The Universe is very big,” says Minnie Mao from the CSIRO. “So even though most planets won’t host intelligent life, there is a high chance that somewhere in our universe, intelligent life does exist.” Awesome! Let’s hope they’re more Max Evans (Roswell), less ET.

You’ll meet RPattz.

Your best bet is Hollywood, California, and a job therein. If you’ve got the performing bug, aim for a career in acting. If you’re more a behind-the-scenes gal, directing, producing, or casting would all get you in RPattz’s inner circle. Failing that, find out where Breaking Dawn is filming and set up a tent.

You’ll write a best-selling novel.

‘Bestselling’ is a fairly loose definition, but generally selling over 20,000 copies is a big achievement for an Aussie novel. In 2009, about 60 Aussie books sold more than 20,000 copies: 17 adult fiction, 8 children’s and 35 non-fiction.

You’ll win Powerball.

Uh, low. The chance of getting the five winning numbers and the Powerball number are 54,979,155 to 1. A part-time job and a degree are a far safer bet to a new pair of Jimmy Choos.

Vampires are real

If you haven’t fantasized at least once about turning into a mysterious and beautiful member of the undead club, then you’re not living in 2010. But the chances they’re real? Sorry guys – pretty much non-existent. We would have probably caught one by now, right? *Sad face*…

You’ll be struck by lightning.

Chillax guys – it’s only 576,000 to 1. If you’re caught in Day After Tomorrow style lightning-fest, unsafe places include picnic shelters, trees or bodies of water. Make tracks to an enclosed building or car, and once inside stay away from windows and doors.

You’ll get top marks in the HSC

In the 2009 HSC, 52,402 students received an ATAR. Of that, only 48 students received the top ATAR of 99.95. Start studying now, yo!

Future generations will live on the Moon

We’ve already had a walk around, how far off can a Starbucks really be? Minnie Mao from the CSIRO confirms we will probably have the technology to live on the moon in the near future. The real question is whether we’d want to. “The moon has very little atmosphere, and temperatures on the Moon’s surface range from -153C at night to 107C during the day!” she says, adding it’d also be super expensive to get to. “The chance that the moon will be completely colonized is small.”

You’ll become the editor of GF

It’s one of the most coveted jobs in the industry, and those smart, talented and lucky to be in the hot seat worked damn hard to get there. “Quote from Sarah C about getting the job”.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry will never divorce

“Celebrity divorce goes along with the same statistics as the general populace divorce rate,” says divorce lawyer to the stars, Stacy Phillips, adding this is because we see the divorce played out in public. “Our perception is that more celebrities get divorced.” In Australia, the divorce rate is just over 40% and it’s a little higher in the US.

You’ll get into uni

Pretty great actually! Kin Paino from UAC explains that last year there were 39,108 applications from NSW HSC students and of those, 33,283 got an offer. “So, if you are looking at the total pool of HSC students (68 142) then about 49% got an offer,” she says.

Climate change makes Australia go underwater

Icecaps melt, sea level goes up – is Australia doomed to a watery grave? “The rise will hopefully be less than a meter this century, so most of Australia won’t go underwater,” says climate change expert, Dr James Sleazak. “But small rises affect large areas of land, and the government estimates that hundreds of thousands of homes and billions of dollars are at risk, along with the destruction of sensitive coastal ecosystems. We need to play it safe and stop burning coal and oil.” True dat.

You’ll Live Overseas

About 5% of Australians currently live overseas – that’s almost a million people! The most popular countries of choice include Greece, the UK and the USA. If London’s calling, start saving now!

There’ll be a Zombie Apocalypse

Scarily enough, it is kinda possible. Brain parasites can turn even the best and brightest into a slobbery crazy person, neurotoxins can slow your brain function to an arms-out-‘braaaaiiinns’ type level, a rage virus (think 28 Days Later) is not beyond the realms of science and neurogenesis can regenerate dead cells. If any of these happen en masse, instant apocalypse!

You’ll Become Prime Minister

Australia has had 27 prime ministers so far, so if you’re aiming for the top job join your SRC and start getting informed about what’s going on in the world. “Developing an informed opinion is the best way to begin a politically active life says advises Paul Mackay from non-profit political organisation GetUp! “If you see injustice – to yourself or others – or if you can think of a better way of doing things, stand up, say something, and create positive change.”

Bumbags Will Make A Comeback.

High! “Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Marc Jacobs have all done one,” confirms Lisa Stern, fashion ed. Gulp!



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