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Vitamin L: Nourishment for Living.

Imagine waking up every day feeling light, bright and ready to take on the world. Vitamin L will help you rediscover your zest for life!

Vitamin L is a nutrition and wellness practice that offers a personalised approach to nutrition, specifically designed to meet your current and future health goals. Over the course of three or six months, a certified nutrition and wellness counsellor will create new and healthy eating patterns for you and your family. Your program will include fortnightly one-on-one appointments, personalised shopping lists and recipes, handouts, books, CDs, food samples, tours of your local healthy food stores and more! Consider us a personal trainer for your health, setting up you and your family with realistic and easy healthy eating patterns that will last a lifetime! With Vitamin L on your side, you’ll soon be feeling energised, happy, vibrant and creative.

Invest in the most important asset you have: your health. Contact Vitamin L now for a free consultation!

Vitamin L

Listen: Vitamin L listens to who you are and what you want

Learn: Learn about the foods that are best for you, and how to enjoy them every day

Live: Live the life you’ve always wanted: strong, healthy and happy!

Vitamin L: A fresh, dynamic approach to nutrition and your wellness.


Understanding Your Unique Needs

We all have a different biological individuality, therefore we all have different nutritional needs. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. A personalised Vitamin L nutrition and wellness program starts by understanding your bio-individuality: what makes you, you. In a free consultation, a nutrition and wellness counselor will work to understand you and your needs looking at not just your existing diet, but all your lifestyle factors including worklife, exercise routine, family health and ancestry, blood type, sleeping patterns, and so on. That’s because we also believe health is holistic. Being healthy is not just about the food you eat, but having a balanced work, home, family and love life. Our modern approach has been developed to fit into our modern lifestyles!


Realistic Patterns for Realistic Goals

Vitamin L will set you up for success. Diets are defined by restrictions and limitations that inevitably get broken. A Vitamin L nutrition and wellness program will work with you to set up easy-to-follow patterns, recipe ideas, shopping lists and more. We understand busy mums need easy and quick solutions for their hungry families. By working with Vitamin L we’ll turn your kitchen into sanctuary for easy, fresh cooking! We believe preparation is just as important as motivation. We’ll help you upgrade your choices from unhealthy to healthy, making small changes that will set you up for life. It’s fun and it’s flexible, able to ebb and flow with you and your life. And best of all, you’ll have your personal nutrition and wellness counsellor there to offer encouragement and support the entire time! Having a rough week? You’ll have a supportive mentor there to help you get back on track in no time.

Food: One of Life’s Great Riches

Diets demonise food: Vitamin L celebrates it! We are truly passionate about beautiful fresh food, as well as just how good you can feel when eating right and preparing your own nourishing home-cooked meals or finding interesting options for eating out. We want to share that with you! Ever gotten confused about what kind of carbs to eat, whether meat is good or bad, or how much dairy you should have? We’ll explain it all, as it relates to you and your body type. A Vitamin L program will excite your tastebuds, and have you looking forward to each and every meal you eat and prepare. It’s so important to get your kids enjoying fresh, healthy food from a young age. Vitamin L will begin their – and your – love affair with food. Takeaway has taken away the love in food. Vitamin L is bringing it back!

The End Result? Feeling Fantastic!

There’s a myriad of benefits to be gained by committing to health and nutrition. Your sleep will be restful and energizing, your relationships will be even more meaningful and your energy level will be higher. You’ll drastically reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

The Vitamin L Story

Marla Bozic is a certified nutrition and wellness counsellor who has received her education from the leading nutritional experts in the world today at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). IIN highlights the importance of understanding the importance of our unique bio-individuality, that each person has very specific needs for his or her own health according to age, constitution, gender, size, lifestyle, blood type and ancestry.

In studying over 100 different dietary theories including Atkins, South Beach, The Zone and Pritikin, Marla is able to apply what works from these ideas, as it relates to you and your body type. Vitamin L isn’t a rigid set of dietary rules. It is flexible, empowering and it gets results. In fact Marla discovered that only by really listening to your body and approaching health in a holistic way, can one truly feel energized, confident and happy. Vitamin L is her way of sharing that insight and knowledge with others.

Vitamin L was born of Marla’s passion for a healthy lifestyle and vibrant existence, and her belief that personalised, ongoing support is the best way for individuals to make meaningful and long lasting change. Through helping individuals and families make the best nutritional choices Marla and Vitamin L hope to create a ripple effect that will help change our lives for the better.

Vitamin L: Nourishment for Living.

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Getting Started

So you’re committed to improving your health and happiness: great! To find out more about how we can tailor a personalised program just for you, we start with a free half hour consultation. Simply fill a Wellness Consultation out, and I will be in touch. There’s absolutely no pressure to start on the program after our consultation. We look forward to helping you meet your health needs!


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