The Secret to Snogging Success

The stars of Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging reveal how to land a sex god boyfriend.

Heralded as a Bridget Jones for teens, new flick Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging follows the hilarious misadventures of quirky British teen Georgia Nicolson, played perfectly by Georgia Groome, and her attempts to land a sex god boyfriend, specifically, the rock ‘n’ roll Robbie. “The attractive thing about Robbie was that he was not the typical jock guy that you find in most teen films,” explains Georgia. “He’s a really gentle, sweet person – really down-to-earth. Plus he’s in band.” A band? ’Nuff said.

The director of the awesome Bend It Like Beckham delivers a teen flick that’s a cut above the rest. Not only is Angus warm, funny and clever, but we’ve got a total girl crush on the gutsy, irrepressible Georgia Nicolson. You know how most teen leads look like they’ve just taken a wrong turn after a modeling shoot and ended up on the set of a film? Georgia Nicolson is far more Bridget than this sexy stereotype – and above all, the girl’s got wit. So how does the funny girl-next-door manage to land a sex god? “Georgia Nicolson wins Robbie over because she’s true to what she is,” explains Georgia. “There’s a point where she tries to be somebody else, and that’s where everything goes wrong. That’s obviously the message – just be yourself. Don’t try to be more grown-up or try to be like somebody else, because what’s the point in somebody liking you for something that you’re not?”

But don’t just take her word for it – actor Aaron Johnson seemed as equally smitten with the lovable Georgia Groome as his character was in the movie! “Georgia Groome is just like her character,” says the drool-worthy sex god himself. “She’s very optimistic and quirky, really funny and nice person to be around. She’s a couple of years younger than me but she’s very mature. We got along really well. There’s this great energy that comes off her, which is very attractive, I feel.”

There you have it – forget perfect make-up, cool clothes, shimmery waves of shiny hair – this boy is clearly crushing on Georgia Groome’s personality and charm!

“What I find attractive is something that’s different in a girl,” continues the pin-up perfection of Aaron. “There’s a lot of girls who all try and be the same – dye their hair blonde, wear the same clothes. The ones who stand out are the ones who have their own unique personalities, the one who are really interesting people.”

So for a dose of feel-good comedy and to catch the chemistry of two seriously cool, grounded stars, get the crew together for your dose of Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, stat!

How Embarrassing!

Georgia Nicolson has her fair share of embarrassing moments, including shaving part of her eyebrow off! But Georgia Groome admits it wasn’t just her character who copped the blade…

“I did once shave my eyebrow off! It was just before my dad got married, so in all of my dad’s wedding photos I just look really alarmed.”

Pucker Up!

Unsurprisingly, Angus has its fair share of snogging scenes, which are notoriously awkward for actors to film. Not on this loved up set!

Aaron: “They were absolutely fine. It was quite funny, really. Me and Georgia had our first kiss in a swimming pool, and by then we’d had a really spicy curry for lunch, donuts, toasties, smoothies, and people were like ‘Do you need any mints, do you want any mints?’. Me and Georgia looked at each other and were like, ‘Nah!’ It was just really comfortable and natural.”

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