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Which GF Staffers Job Should You Have? We know you want us! Working for a magazine is indeed pretty sweet – do this quiz and find out which job you’ll be amazing at!

When you start working, you’d like a typical day to be:

  1. All about styling, fashion shows and being on shoots (2)
  2. Really high-powered, with lots of people asking you what you think (1)
  3. Spent hanging with celebs and listening to new music (3)
  4. In an fun-filled office, with plenty of cake and time to gossip (4)

Your time online is spent browsing;

  1. The Sartorialist and Go Fugg Yourself (2)
  2. Anything really well-written and smart (4)
  3. Every single magazine homepage you can find (1)
  4. Perez Hilton and Pitchfork (3)

What drives you up the wall?

  1. People who wear all black, all the time (2)
  2. Typos and bad grammar (4)
  3. Music reviews with no opinion (3)
  4. Bad layout and annoying ads (1)

You’re totally awesome at:

  1. Making decisions (1)
  2. Trivia and general knowledge (4)
  3. Picking music’s next-big-thing (3)
  4. Making adventurous fashion choices work (2)

But you suck at:

  1. Early starts (3)
  2. Being cooped up in one room all day (2)
  3. Admitting you’re wrong (4)
  4. Letting someone else take charge (1)

Which TV character/ personality do you most relate to?

  1. Marcia Brady: people say you’re a bit of a perfectionist (4)
  2. Whitney Port: you’d love nothing more than to intern for a fash mag in NYC (2)
  3. Buffy: you love a girl who looks hot and can kick serious butt! (1)
  4. Ruby Rose: she’s supercool and gets to hang with all the stars! (3)

Who would you absolutely love to see on the next cover of Girlfriend?

  1. Mandy Moore: It’s nice to see a celeb who’s keepin’ it clean. (4)
  2. MIA: Hello? Girl’s a musical genius! (3)
  3. Stella McCartney: Designers should be celebrated just as much as models. (2)
  4. Miranda Kerr: Totally on trend – it’s the smart decision to go with. (1)

If you made a change to Girlfriend, it’d be:

  1. Nothing – it’s great as it is! (4)
  2. More pix of stylish real teens (2)
  3. A column written by a hot new band (3)
  4. You’d love to redesign the entire mag (1)

You usually get in trouble from your ‘rents for

  1. Spending all your allowance on clothes (2)
  2. Staying out late at gigs (3)
  3. Arguing with your brother or sister (1)
  4. Um, you never get in trouble! (4)


9 – 15 Editor: That’s right – you’re the big cheese! With your organisational ability, fearless confidence and decision-making skills you’ll make a perfect editor!

Sah says: ‘Be passionate, persistent, work hard, surround yourself with a super creative team and always try to think outside the square. Most editors begin as writers, so a journalism degree is helpful.’

16 – 22 Fashion Editor: Your love of fashion combined with your intimate knowledge of designers, models and trends means you’ll make a great fashion editor!

Lisa says: “Two words: work experience! The knowledge and experience you gain is invaluable.”

23 – 30 Entertainment Editor: You’ve already seen most of season three of Gossip Girl, know the Vivien Girls are hot, and have all the GF Fiction books in your bookshelf. You’d make a perfect Entertainment Editor.

Rob says: “Download any song, album, movie and TV show you can find. This will provide you with a vast knowledge of pop culture, which is worthless in everyday life but highly sought after in this profession!”

31 – 36 Chief Sub-editor: Your sweet personality combined with your strong writing skills, tendency to be a neat freak and love of perfection means you’d be the first one hired to be the next Chief Sub-Editor.

Kat says: “Sub-editors check spelling, grammar, and facts so this is a job for someone who’s friendly with a dictionary and loves writing!”

Copyright Georgia Clark 2010


About Georgia

I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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