The Blirtatious Babe

Copyright Georgia Clark 2010

If you’re never lost for words, you’re probably The Blirtatious Babe

Are you super-chatty, really assertive and tend to speak first/ think later? Sounds like you’re a blirtatious babe! Blirtatiousness is the tendency to speak up about your needs, opinions and feelings, mostly before you even really know what you’re saying! Being blirtatious can be great when you want to be heard, but there is too much to a good thing when it comes to being a blirtatious babe…

You’re A Blirtatious Babe When…

1. You can’t keep a secret (even when you’ve promised a friend you wouldn’t tell)

You’ve got it: the most mouthwateringly delicious piece of gossip, ever! It’s salacious. It’s scandalous. And it won’t simply be a secret for much longer.

Secret sharing is rarely done to punish the person’s trust you’re betraying. It’s more about the relationship you have – or want to have – with the person you’re telling the secret to. It can make a new friend more interested in you, or give you something hot to talk about with an old friend. The reality is, if someone has trusted you with important information, you’re simple being a bad friend by getting all blirtatious on her!

Expert advice, Lisa Phillips, life coach:

“If you feel that you’re going to tell, try writing it down in your diary, repeating it to yourself over and over again in the mirror, leaving the room or changing the subject.”

2. You overshare every detail of your life (even when its private stuff)

No one could ever accuse you of being too private. On the contrary when it comes to your ex-boyfriend/ your issues/ your parents’ issues, you’re an open book! C’mon, who wouldn’t want to hear every last morsel of your fascinating life?

Like secret-sharing, we often overshare juicy deets about our lives in an attempt to connect with others and make an impression. Oversharing will definitely make an impression, but often it’s a bad one! If the people you’re talking to look a little shocked or uncomfortable, you’ve crossed the line between casual conversation and obscene oversharing.

Expert Advice: “Run what you are going to say through your head before you say it.   If you are in any doubt that it may be inappropriate, keep quiet! Ask yourself the question, ‘Would you be happy if this was the only piece of information people remembered about you?’ If not, then don’t say it!

3. You always speak your mind (even when its kinda mean)

Elle Woods, eat your heart out. Like the perky Legally Blonde star, you’re known for speaking your mind and making sure your opinion heard – the only problem is, sometimes other people have a problem with it.

If you get criticized for speaking your mind, it’s probably because you’re failing to recognize ‘live and let live’. Unless someone is hurting someone else, people have a right to act, think and behave however they like, even if it’s in a way you disagree with! Are you speaking your mind to attack or criticize another person or belief system? Then you’re really just making yourself and others unhappy – not an attractive or generous quality at all!

Expert advice: “Before speaking your mind, take a few seconds to run what you are going to say over in your head. Take a few deep breaths so you feel able to get your point across in a calm and collected manner. And if you’re in a group, make sure you give all your friends the opportunity to speak up”.



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I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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