Swimming At Night

(and 10 other kickass things to try before you turn 18)

We doubledare you to:

Say ‘yes’ to everything asked of you for a whole day

Of course this doesn’t include ‘Wanna go play in traffic?’ – the trick is not to tell your peeps what you’re embarking on. This kickass dare is guaranteed to take you on a Totally Random Adventure. You’ll be amazed at how many oddball opportunities come your way every single day, so keep an open mind and you’ll be ready for anything!

Start a band

That’s it: enough whinging about how much you’d like to be in a band cuz of the hot guy overload – ah, creative satisfaction overload – make like Nike and JUST DO IT! All you need is your bestess girlfriends, some Wayfarers and whatever musical equipment you can get your hands on. Next stop: the Big Day Out and a whole lotta groupies…

Ask a guy you like out, straight to his face

We recommend being oh-so-super-cas about it. As in, ‘Whatever, I ask guys out, like, every day’. As in, ‘I’m Carrie Bradshaw-confident and Samantha Jones-spunky’. As in ‘Why deny it: YOU KNOW YOU WANT ME’. And no, IM, Facebook and MySpace don’t count. Straight. To. His. Face.

Throw someone you love a huge surprise party

The priceless combination of amazement/ horror/ delight/ fear on their face… the endless friendship brownie points… the cake… Yup, there’s many things to love about an old fashioned surprise party. Not only is it the ultimate act of generosity to bestow on someone you dig, but it’s superfun being all stealth-like as you plan their big day.

Make a Love Song Dedication

It’s all you need, money can’t buy it and it lifts us up where we belong: not Love – a Love Song Dedication! C’mon, bring out your inner cheese and divulge all to a man who sounds like he was breastfed on honey.

Wear a wig to school

With mystical magic deep buried deep in its fibres, the wig has the power to transform the wearer from a shy-as-a-church-mouse chick to all manner of fine and fierce feminine forms. You’ve always wanted to rock a cute pink bob/ luscious blonde locks/ Marge Simpson-style beehive, right? (And if  a wig is a ticket to detention round your joint, rock the formal with one instead).

Audition for Australian Idol

Go on. Go on! So you can’t sing – neither can most Aussies strutting their (vocal chord) stuff in front of Our Judges. You might just discover your ‘sort of’ talent is enough to get you discovered, reality TV style. Or at the very least, you’ll get to make eyes with Andrew G and Jamie M. And surely that is reward enough.

Do the 40-hour Famine

And never use the phrase ‘totally starving’ cuz you missed morning tea again. The ‘Famine is a great way to raise money for underprivileged communities who really need it and experience a little of what their lives are like. Make sure you have a cool crew on hand – this dare is a little intense!

Leave your crush an anonymous love note

Being a secret admirer rules. It makes him feel great and you get to act all James Bond-esque in organizing the ‘drop-off’. Are you game?

Go swimming at night

The original and the best. Swimming at night packs a way cool punch marked ‘AWESOME’. There’s something distinctly magical about swimming at night, like wandering round your school on weekends, but a lot less lame.

Copyright Georgia Clark 2008





About Georgia

I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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