Lights! Camera! Career!

The behind-the-scenes players of Hollywood are just as important as the stars! Take this quiz to see how you could make a living in Hollywood.

1. At a party, you’re the girl who always

a.     Spent a week preplanning the world’s most fabulous outfit (2)

b.     Organised the whole thing, including booking a band and making heaps of food (4)

c.     Knows everyone, and is the number one source for all the gossip, as it happens (3)

d.     Spends the night observing how fascinating human behaviour really is. (1)

2. Your best subject is:

a.     Business Studies (4)

b.     Textiles and design (2)

c.     English (1)

d.     Playground politics (that’s a subject, right?) (3)

3. On the first day back at school after summer, you usually

a.     Are being showered with praise over how awesome your blog is (1)

b.     Have already kicked into gear your campaign for a position on student council (4)

c.     Are wondering how you’re going to have time for your 1,000 friends on Facebook and homework (3)

d.     Are getting props for hot new trend or hairstyle you workshopped over Xmas (2)

4. Your friends would describe you as:

a.     Fashion-forward, colourful and committed (to clothes) (2)

b.     Creative, hard-working and introverted (1)

c.     Bossy, confident and organised (4)

d.     Funny, energetic and a gossip (3)

5. You can’t enough of:

a. The United States of Tara (1)

b. Sex and the City (2)

c. Entourage (3)

d. The Sopranos (4)

6. The tech trend or item you need the most is:

a.     An iPhone (4)

b.     A MacBook Air (1)

c.     Facebook (3)

d.     Rhinestone covered anything. (2)

7. You’ve been dating someone cool but it’s not working out. One thing you’re pretty worried about is:

a.     Finding the time to have the break-up talk – you’re flat-out this week (4)

b.     If he’ll work out you’ve based a character on him in your latest short story (1)

c.     Managing the fall-out effectively so you come across as caring, concerned and still very datable (3)

d.     The fact you can’t borrow his awesome Fedora anymore (2)

8. Public speaking is:

a.     Something you relish (4)

b.     Terrifying (1)

c.     A chance to look really cute (2)

d.     Not as effective as a getting the word out via blogs (3)

9. Weekends for you usually involve:

a.     Parties, lunches, catch-ups and more parties! (3)

b.     Sussing out awesome vintage finds at your local market (2)

c.     Curling up with a good book then working on your novel (1)

d.     Managing your latest, madcap entrepreneurial scheme (4)

10. You like working:

a.     At home, on your own (1)

b.     Surrounded by madness! (3)

c.     Surrounded by fabric (2)

d.     As long as you’re in charge and get to delegate. (4)


10 – 17: Screenwriter: You’re rocking English, love creating cool stories and like the idea of being able to work in your pyjamas – you could well be the next Diablo Cody! Make sure to keep writing every day – that’s the key to success.

18 – 25: Stylist: Get paid to dress fabulous people all day? Yes please! You’re a fashion-conscious babe who worships Patricia Field and is ahead of all the trends. You love finding a bargain and could definitely get a job planning pretty outfits for pretty people in LA!

26 – 33: Publicist: A publicist is someone who manages the star’s career as far as getting word out about what they’re doing and managing any, ahem, slip-ups. It’s the best possible job for a professional people-person who loves being in the know. You have to be willing to work 24/ 7 to create the goss!

34 – 40: Producer: You’re a serious power-players who love doing deals and wants to be in charge of the whole she-bang – whatever that is! Producers make serious dosh but also work very hard, and are in charge of overseeing the whole shoot. Start by producing the short films being made by the aspiring directors in your neighbourhood.

Copyright Georgia Clark 2010


About Georgia

I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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