Game On!

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What his gaming of choice says about him!

So your guy spends a bunch of time gaming on? We help you decipher the different types of computer games out there, and what your BF’s love of them says about him (Guess what? They’re not all the same! Who knew?)

Music video games

“Guitar Hero”

Let’s get this party started! A “Guitar Hero” kinda guy is social, outgoing and upbeat. These kind of games are great to play with mates, which a “Guitar Hero” fan usually has a lot of! Music video games are easy to play and they’re fun for girls (in a way shooting army guys might not be), so it won’t be hard to share his passion.

He is: Mr. Social, and planning a house party as we speak.

First date suggestion: This guy loves being with the people, so go check out a new band together.

Strategy games


If your guy plays games that are reliant on strategy, you’ve got excellent taste! Difficult games like “Civilization” appeal to the intellectually astute – yup, this kid’s a smartie! He’s also patient, thoughtful, and a plan-maker. This kind of guy likes an intellectual rather than physical challenge and will probably have an awesome job some day.

He is: Supersmart and non-confrontational.

First date suggestion: An art-house movie, followed by a post-flick discussion at a cool coffee house.

First Person Shooters


The guy who loves first person shooters is after a good adrenaline rush! It’s pretty easy to understand the crux of these games – shoot, shoot, then shoot some more. If he only plays these kinda games occasionally, this guy’s a good catch – he loves adventure and doing exciting things, which is fun! But if you’re getting less face time than the xBox, he may just be all about action. And there’s only so many times you can sit through Rambo

He is: After a thrill and hard to pin down.

First date suggestion: Definitely a theme park – he’ll get his adrenaline fix on the roller coaster and the haunted house.

Online Roleplaying Games [RPGs]

“World of Warcraft”,

If your current crush waxes lyrical about “World of Warcraft”, then beware – fans of these types of game tend to be at the more obsessive end of the spectrum! To fans of the genre, RPGs aren’t just a hobby – they’re a way of life. If you’re down with Warcraft too then this is a match made in heaven. If not, be prepared for your guy to think it’s totally normal to spend many hours a night fighting make-believe enemies online.

He is: The very epitome of nerd chic… with an emphasis on nerd.

First date suggestion: This guy hasn’t seen much natural light lately, so suggest he up his Vitamin D intake with an afternoon picnic in the park.

Old-school 2d Games

“Mario Brothers”

Does your guy get more excited over 80s Atari consoles than next gen iPhones? Does he prefer arcades to Xbox’s? Pacman to Pirates of the Caribbean? Then your gamer is [in our humble opinion] seriously cool. Retro is rad and so is this guy! He’s got a firm grip of irony and is probably both well-read and sweet. You also don’t have to worry about any obsession with computer violence in this bowtie-wearing boy as those games were about as scary as a Disney movie.

He is: Fully aware it’s hip to be square.

First date suggestion: A sci-fi ’80s movie marathon (Tron, War Games – anything where the computer is the size of a house). Geek paradise!


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I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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