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The five friends you need to make it the best summer ever!

The Up-For-Anything Gal

You know the one: daring, fearless and oh-so-much fun. She’s the one who’ll force you to text your crush, who’ll come with you on a late night snack run, who’ll chat to that group of hot guys even if she doesn’t know any of them. Having an up-for-anything friend around means your summer will be filled to the brim with capital A Adventure!

Try it: Wanna be more like this wild child? Sign up for something out of your comfort zone, like bungee jumping lessons or a surf class!

Watch out: While we heart these firecracker girls, it’s up to you to judge what’s crazyfun, and what’s crazydangerous. If your instinct tells you the plan to go for a midnight swim naked is going to end badly, it probably will.

The Great Outdoors Lover

While it can tempting to spend every day lazing around eating Popsicles and reading back issues of GF, The Great Outdoors lover will ensure you see so much more of the world. She’ll taking you hiking, swimming, running – you name it! The Great Outdoors Lover will help you see your surroundings with new eyes – her passion for all that’s green and fertile is truly infectious. Mmm, smell that fresh air!

Try it: Wanna appreciate nature more this summer? Plan an overnight camping trip with your crew. Don’t forget the marshmallows and a whole bunch of scary stories to tell around the campfire.

Watch out: The great outdoors is stuffed with all sorts of creepy crawlies so make sure you take a decent bug spray and a fully charged mobile phone out with you on any tree-lined ramble.

The Fashionista Queen

Watch out Sass & Bide. Outta the way Colette Dinnigan – the Fashionista Queen is here – and she’s fabulous! This is your friend who is 100% fashion obsessed, and we love her for it! When she’s not scoping the Sartorialist or GoFuggYourself, she’s the only one you need for serious style advice. For the Fashionista Queen, mall missions are a marathon and must be treated seriously. Her advice will be cutthroat but completely reliable – there’s no better assurance you’ll be rocking summer parties in the It Crowd than with the Fashionista Queen on speed dial!

Try it: Wanna get more style in your summer? Make a look book from the fashion pages of GF of all your fave celeb styles. Spend your hard-earned dollars in the most flexible pieces that can be worn a few different ways – and always invest in at least one OTT but totally awesome party dress!

Watch out: To the fashionista queen, nothing is more important than fashion but for the rest of us, we need to watch our pennies. Do you really need to spend $100 on that fake snakeskin handbag, even if it is Marc Jacobs? Nu-uh.

The LOL Lady

How much do we love our funny friends? Let us count the ways! A LOL Lady is, quite simply, an absolute must-have. You don’t need bags of cash or perfect hair to have an awesome time with her – simply being in each other’s presence is enough to let the good times roll.

Try it: It’s easy to get the people rolling in the aisles! Funny people don’t take the world or themselves that seriously, but they do listen out for the odd and the quirky. Spend time with funny friends and you’ll soon see their clever appreciation of the bizarre.

Watch out: Funny people often use comedy to deflect from their emo feelings, so make sure to check in with your hilarious pal every now and then to make sure she’s all good. It’s important she knows she doesn’t need to keep you chuckling 24/7, and that you’re there for her when life ain’t such a riot.

The Vault

As essential to your entourage as spray tan is to summer itself. Every girl has secrets, and you’re no exception. There’s nothing better than having a truly trusted friend to share and dissect all the inner workings of your complicated mind with. Whether it’s a forbidden crush, how nuts your ‘rentals are driving you or just that you’re feeling limbo low, The Vault can be counted on to listen up.

Try it: To be a better listener, avoid jumping in with your two cents worth when someone is opening up to you. Focus on simply listening and sympathizing, and only give your advice when it’s expressly asked for.

Watch out: The Vault tends to more of a serious friend, so lighten her load by planning a superfun weekend together – one where intense secret sharing is off limits (but ridonkulous amounts of choc-fudge sundaes are most certainly not!)


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I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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