Dating with the Stars

Georgia Clark Copyright 2010

We let your fave hotties do the talking when it comes to dating in 2010.

Minimize the make-up

Celeb dating guru: Justin Bieber. “I don’t like girls who wear lots of make-up. Some girls are beautiful but insecure, and look much better without make-up.”

GF says: The Bieb is right! The most beautiful thing about you is you – the real you, not that perfect shade of pink lippie. Confidence, positivity and a sense of humour are far more attractive to guys than Jenny Humphreys-style eyeliner, so keep it easy breezy when it comes to making yourself up!

Don’t wait – ask him out

Celeb dating guru: Robert Pattinson: I like people being forward.

GF says: You heard it here first – even guys as hot as RPattz like it when girls take the lead! Dating can be a little bit scary for all involved – just because your crush is a total hottie doesn’t mean he’s confident enough to ask you out. Take RPattz’s word for it – he wants you to make the first move!

Be yourself – so simple!

Celeb dating guru: Taylor Lautner: “I want to find a girl that is herself. I don’t want someone that pretends. So simple.”

GF says: Simple indeed. The best thing about being yourself is you never get caught out in a lie. Think about it – if your crush loves the great outdoors, there’s only so long you can pretend to enjoy mountain climbing when you’re totally a DVD and popcorn kinda girl. Take it from Taylor: honesty, integrity and staying true to your awesome unique self is what guys really want.

Keep it real

Celeb dating guru: Ian Somerhalder: “Don’t tell us you’re fine when you’re not. Just tell us what’s wrong. It’s easier that way.”

GF says: If you’ve hit a rough patch with your guy, it can tempting to back way off or ignore it by putting on the perfect girlfriend act. Don’t! If he doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong, he can’t change. Dating is all about open communication. Don’t be aggressive, just be honest!

The telltale sign…

Celeb dating guru: Zac Efron: “A girl can tell I like her when I blush or start telling bad jokes.”

GF says: Sometimes it can be hard to tell when a guy’s digging on you, right? Well take it from our fave High School Musical superstar, you can always tell when he turns bright red or starts asking you why the chicken crossed the road. Oh, if only Zac could tell us a bad joke in real life – we’ll promise to laugh!

A one-woman guy

Celeb dating guru: Paul Wesley: “I can relate to being in love with one person. Dating around just never appealed to me.”

GF says: Okay, so this isn’t strictly dating advice, but we just had to share. See, even guys as ridonkuslouly hot as Paul are into serious, long-term relationships! Paul only had one girlfriend throughout high school, so never think your school’s hottest guy only wants flings – he might be just as into l-u-v as you are.

A big difference.

Celeb dating guru: Shia LeBeouf: “There’s a difference between being in love and being in a loving relationship. ‘In love’ is infatuation. ‘Love’ is when that love dies down and you’re just there.”

GF says: Shia isn’t just crazy hot, he’s also way deep. This great advice reminds us that while we’re in love with RPattz, we don’t love him. Um, right Shia?


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