Baby, It’s Cold Out…

… But that doesn’t mean it can’t be the hottest winter ever!

Boyfriends are awesome – not only can you make half their wardrobe work on you (just add accessories!), but they can transform a cold snap into a roasted, toasty love-fest… Summer, stay away!

So, why don’t you…

Have a summer-themed movie marathon

There’s no better way to live vicariously than the movies, and with a summer-themed flick fest, you get all the goodness of rays and Raybans from the comfort of your couch! But simply renting a stack of DVDs won’t cut it – your movie marathon demands fruit punch, Hawaiian flower wreaths (they’re called a lei), and heart-shaped sunnies. Your boy will be so impressed with your mid-winter summer get-up he’ll have a hard time keeping his eyes on the screen!

GF recommends: Surf’s Up, for penguins on surfboards, Blue Crush, for chicks on surfboards, and Surfer, Dude for Matthew McConaughey on a surfboard.

Go ice-skating

… In your cutest winter outfit. This is no time for tracky-dacs and a faded hoodie; hitting the ice with a pair of blades demands an outfit that’d give Blair Waldorf a run for her money! Try Sportsgirl for snowflake-themed mittens, scarf and beanie to get your full Ice Princess on. Don’t worry if you have the co-ordination of a puppy on rollerblades – that’s what your handsome beau is there to help you with!

GF recommends: Checking in advance with your local rink about their quietest times or if they open late – a million crying kids and their frazzled ’rents does not, a romantic date, make.

Hit the beach

Okay, okay – before you book the GF staff in for a psychiatric evaluation (put down the phone), we’re not suggesting you go ahead and get wet. Winter transforms the beach from tourist-overloaded hot spot to wild and windy terrain of the most romantic kind. The oceans seethes and spits as you explore the craggy coastline, then snuggle together under a woolen blanket to gaze at the vastness of the sea… (If that isn’t the perfect time for him to tell you he loves you, we don’t know what is!)

GF recommends: Keep warming with that thermos of hot chocolate you cleverly remembered. Remember, the way to a boy’s heart is through constant and delicious treats.

Make him a winter mix-CD

Nothing says ‘I dig you and I’m supercool’ than a mix-CD, and the months of June through August offer an excellent excuse for a clever theme, which as we all know, is a must when it comes to the art of a good playlist. From Coldplay to “Cold Light” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, all it takes is a little imagination and a little more time on iTunes to create the soundtrack to your next make-out session. Handmade cover art a must!

GF recommends: The oldschool classic “Winter Wonderland” – it’ll give your ode to indie rock depth and class.

Plan your summer

And when you’re finally sick of having to rock four layers in order to leave the house, stay in and start dreaming of your perfect endless summer together. Whether it’s a surfing trip to Byron Bay or plans for the best pool party ever, your winter blues will melt away with all the sizzling, salty, sandy schemes you two can concoct.

GF recommends: Making a Top Ten list of the things you wanna do together as soon as it starts to get warm, and work on ticking them off one by one. The couple that plays together stays together!

Copyright Georgia Clark 2010


About Georgia

I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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