On Trial: Lesbian Internet Dating

Get off the couch and on the Sofa – Georgia Clark tries a little girl-on-girl action online.

New Years Eve saw me ringing in 2009 with a pink wig and a three-way pash. I kissed her, then him, then her, then… well, just her. It wasn’t the first time I’d made like Ms Perry and kissed a girl, and getting back on the horse proved very, very fun. I joined pinksofa.com the very next day.

Here’s the skinny: It’s free to post a standard net dating profile as a ‘Basic’ member, but it costs money to join up in order to send more than preformatted messages to other girls. These messages are called smiles (ie. ‘I really like your profile. Why don’t you join up and message me?’) and essentially they exist to encourage members to graduate from a Basic (free) member to Premium (paid) member. Basic members can only send ‘smiles’ to each other – premium members can write real messages, which is the only way to start chatting online and possibly meet up in person.

My expectations were reasonably high, given the amount of cute girls’ pics complete with cool and intelligent profiles. I wrote a sparkling ‘hey hello’ type message up, then spent a few delectable hours copying and pasting it to well over 30 Sofa-siders. I was convinced I’d be dancin’ and romancin’ with a different lady every night from here till 2010.

The days ticked past, but like Mother Hubbard, my inbox was bare. I realized that a lot of the girls I had messaged hadn’t logged on in months – their profiles were like beautiful window displays hiding a store out of stock. I was convinced I’d flushed my $90 six-month membership down the toilet. And then sweetdanger messaged me.

A pretty girl with a pixie haircut, she described herself as fun, sensitive and loyal. After a few messages back and forth, we became MySpace and Facebook friends. Sussing out the rest of her pics made me feel a little intimidated. Amanda (her real name) was ridiculously photogenic. Her friends looked cool too (always a good sign); one had aptly commented that she was ‘amazingly bubblegum’ – so completely cute in every way.

We arranged to meet at an art exhibition opening. It was kind of like meeting a friend of a friend – after our week of messaging we knew some of the basics about each other, and after spending a bit too long looking at her photos, I knew exactly what she looked like.

We spent the rest of our date at my local hang, and I invited her to come to a artist’s party on a boat the following night. I had vague plans for a super romantic first kiss – out on the deck under the stars as the boat cut through Sydney Harbour – but jumping in the deep end has always defined my personality. Her cheek brushed my hand, and I couldn’t stop myself. We made out all night. I guess we never really stopped.

It’s fair to say we’re pretty smitten with each other (there’s my ‘jumping in the deep end’ at work again). Amanda is the sweetest, softest, most deliciously naughty girl I’ve ever met and, incredibly, she feels the same way about me. These days you’ll recognize me as the girl with a dreamy smile that can’t drift from my lips…

Best $90 I’ve ever spent.

// breakout //

Gaydargirls.com is the other primary site to meet chicks on. The Sofa doesn’t allow naughty photos or suggestive text on members’ profiles (the caption for my photo describing myself as ‘drunk’ wasn’t approved), whereas anything goes on the wet and wild Gaydargirls. Like the Sofa, basic membership will only get you so far – you need to sign up to send unlimited messages and access all areas of the site.

Lesbianmatchmaker.com.au is also trying to break into the game, angling for the young, femme-ish clientele hanging on the Sofa.

What is it? Pinksofa.com is a dating site for lesbians and bisexual women.

What does it claim? “To help women connect with each other by providing a comfortable, friendly meeting place online.”

The cost? Various packages ranging from $24 for one month to $120 for one year.


About Georgia

I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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