On Trial: Aura Cleanse and Chakra Rebalance

I unwittingly made the appointment on my birthday: a sign from the universe or just yours truly being a bit flakey? Your opinion probably determines your attitude to energetic healing.

The session unfolded in healer Maree Thomas’ palatial home. After I discuss with Maree – dressed in white, 50-ish with a good skincare regime – my intention for the healing (clarity of direction for my creative pursuits), we begin.

Maree uses her hands to feel and ‘brush’ around my aura, the energy field surrounding individuals that our physical bodies are plugged into. Anything from emotional trauma to drug use can damage the aura and the purpose of the healing is to fix or cleanse this sphere. After a few minutes Maree tells me my energy field is quite weak, “It’s not as strong and expanded as it needs to be.” Darn.

Next, I lie face up on a padded table and a small pendulum (a many-sided arrow head) on the end of a long silver chain is passed over my seven charkras. Eastern philosophy believes these are the body’s all-important energy centres. The pendulum spins in little circles over them, the size of which indicates how strong, or open, they are. The pendulum barely moves at all. All but one of my chakras is closed. Energetically, I’m pretty much D-list.

Rolling onto my stomach, the healing begins in earnest. As Maree begins rhymically tapping all over my body, I’m told to think of the energy she’s giving me as a beautiful violent light flowing into me. A picture keeps coming into my mind – the front cover of film I have at home; two beautiful girls lying in each other’s arms. The idea of writing a quirky, romantic love story is strong. This seems to be the project I am to work on. I feel very emotional –close to tears for most of the time.

After what must be about half an hour of this energetic healing, we begin work on connecting with my inner child. (While the significance of this was not explained before we began, I guess this sort of work helps with self-love and connecting with yourself at your most innocent and joyous… or something). I am told to picture myself as a young girl, and call myself by a childhood nickname (in my case, ‘Porgie’). Maree guides me with a visualization to see me/ her. There I am, sitting on a table; a young girl with pale hair the colour of sunlight,  eyes almost too large for my head, TDK-style. This is quite difficult – while the energetic healing is simply receiving energy, now I must begin speaking aloud, eyes closed. What’s more, it’s unexpectedly very, very emotional. As soon as I see me/ her in my mind’s eye, I start crying.

The guided visualization continues. I talk to my inner child, hug here and say loving things to her. I am encouraged promise to see her again more regularly. We finish by giving her a permanent place in my heart.

The pendulum swings wildly over my open chakras. They are now all wide open.

At the end of the two-hour session I feel completely blissed out but unfortunately it doesn’t take long for the stresses of daily life to get me down off that high – an afternoon family tiff killed my buzz faster than you can say Ben Lee.

I’d definitely recommend this experience if you dig this kind of thing and don’t mind the vulnerability of exposing yourself emotionally. But now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to hang out with my inner-child.

What is it? Aura cleanse and chakra rebalancing

What does it claim? “Maree channels divine, universal healing energies. You feel energised spiritually, emotionally and mentally.” (See mareethomas.com)

The cost? $100


About Georgia

I'm a young adult novelist with a weakness for hot nerds and cheese platters, not necessarily in that order. I am currently working on my third novel. I'm pretty excited about having just turned 30 because it means I can justify spending a lot of time thinking about homewares.
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